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Its sad I've come to this, this is how enraged I am.I used to have Verizon Triple Play and everything was smooth UNTIL I decided to move and requested to move my services.

OH LORD the most painful transaction I've ever been part of. First my first request to cancel my current location and move my services to a new location disappears. I call they pretend it never existed YET I have emails proving and confirming it did. Second I call to have the whole situation corrected, the girl had no interest in helping me -I should've just cancelled then-.

Third phone call [and let me point out now that if you ever try to call these guys please plan to have 2 h available MINIMUM] by the time someone decides to pick up my level off frustration was already reaching boiling point. This particular girl did try to help me, set up the cancelation for my old place, set up the installation for my new place, good, I though my nightmare was over WRONG. Comes installation day, the guy arrives, I wasn't home and my mom calls me freaking out because this guys i charging her $400.00 to do the installation. I kid you not, $400.00.

ITS JUST CABLE FOR CHRIST SAKES! ON A REGULAR HOUSE! NOT EVEN THE FIRST TIME! I should've called the whole thing off by then.

I call Verizon directly about these fraudulent tactics and the contrite lady tells me no installation should ever be that expensive, blah blah, puts me in contact with the guy's manager and he promises to get things corrected. I come home to find the installer broke my front screen door.A day later I'm checking the channels on the TV and going through them only to find more than half of the channels I already had are gone. Call Verizon again, 45 minutes pass by and no help. Finally get someone, he explains to me I've been downgraded because the plan I had no longer exist and eve though my services were supposed to be transferred as they were and everything was supposed to remain the same, since it was done wrong theres no way they can fix it.

WHAT!? How is that my fault!? What kind of cockamamie is that? You make another error in your long history of mistakes but I'm supposed to suck it up and be happy about it?

Not happening. The guy says he's going to try to fix it, another 45 minutes later he tells me the only way I can get my previous channel line up is if I pay more. I'm so angry at that point I decline and tell them at that point I'm just planning to cancel so no dice. Hang up, and surprise surprise, I get an email charging me more for the supposed channel line up change I did not approve BUT WAIT, I still can't see any of the channels they are charging me for.

Call again, 1 hour later nothing has been accomplished, they guy just keeps repeating they cant do anything about it. I hang up, call another cable company, get new services and they will be installed 2 days time VS 2 weeks Verizon time. within 2 days I will be canceling Verizon's crappy services along with their fraudulent ways. I don't understand how they think it's acceptable to cheat people out of their money and think it's just ok to do so.

I've never had such a frustrating and more maddening experience getting simple services installed at my house.

I just don't know where they get the idea that they can get away with all of this.I'm getting a headache just thinking of the 2 hours I'll need to spend on the phone to get things canceled and away from these fraud kings.

Review about: Verizon Tv Service.

Reason of review: Combination of poor customer services, poor installation services and fraudulent tactics.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Poor service, Fraudulent tactics.

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