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Verizon has the worst customer service...they give you a run around and they refuse to send a technician unless u do all their work...what kind of so called customer service is this..i called twice and the first representative hung up on me and did not call me back like what they say in the beginning...the second one refused to give the phone to a supervisor and also send out a technician..they want me to look for all sorts of connection....they are trying to save money by refusing customers of their right for a sevice that people are actually paying for..shame on verizon...

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are you for real clint? It is widely known that verizon fios has some of the worst customer service on the planet.

for example: I have had fios since Oct 2011. since then I have NEVER been able to access my account online. Not after submitting TEN tickets to fix it. I have called customer service 30-40 times because every month my bill changes and NOBODY knows wtf is going on.

Nobody can even tell me exactly what my monthly bill is supposed to be. I finally had enough because NOBODY knows anything at Verizon and told them to cancel my account. Welp, cant do that either because then they charge me $250 for early termination.

So I guess I just have to take it up the *** for a few more months until my contract expires. I will never go with Verizon again.


A lot of times they can trouble shoot things over the phone. I would rather them do that and get it fixed right away, then wait 3 days for a tech to come out just to find out that a cable was loose. Use your head dude.

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