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Initial install of phone and internet service took 4 different visits and 7 different technicians. Thereafter internet service was lost for at least 3 days aprrox 10 times within the first 3 months.

Oh yes, and by the way Verizon will not credit you for that! Also asked them to put a block on my phone for international calls and I actually have it in writing to say the phone was now blocked. However, that was not the case and an international exchange student made $800 of international calls. Verizon stated, 'yes' it was their error in not placing an international block as they had confirmed but I was still responsible for paying the bill as the calls had been made.

I felt like I was fair in offering to pay half of that bill as it had been they who were negligent, but they said I had to pay the whole bill. Evidently 'nobody' at Verizon will take the blame for any error on their part! I spoke to 4 or 5 different departments,supervisors and managers and they were all rude and indifferent to the situation.

If you are considering getting Verizon DON'T!!!!!!! We are a military family who move every 2yrs and have experienced a large number of communication/phone companies and Verizon are by far the worst!

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Verizon is the single WORST company EVER! I preordered my iphones the minute they went on sale, called them everyday to check on the status of my order, and they still suggested that there was an error in my order! I've been a customer for at least 10 years and each time I need to get something done to my account, it't the most painful process that in the world. They told me that my account and 100 others were the only accounts in the entire nation to get our orders cancelled because of an internal system error. This error, as they explained to me was NOT my fault and was an internal error. The solution now is to reorder my phones an wait an extra week and a half to receive them.

After speaking to countless customer service reps, I was constantly misled and told different things within the *** Verizon hierarchy. I figured out that their system is GENIUS. They keep transfering you to different departments because no one wants to be held accountable for the mistakes that are going on internally. This leads to 2 things: either the customer gets so frustrated that they hang up the phone OR they offer you A $20 credit on your account to shut you up and not keep complaining.

They finally told me that if I wanted to reorder my phones over the phone they would jump me to the front of the line and ship out my phones asap. I mulled the option over and decided I would call a local retail store to check on the availability of several phones.

After deciding that I would pick up 1 phone at a retail store and the other 2 via reorder, I called back and explained the situation yet again. This time the customer service rep told me that I the soonest the phones can be shipped out are now the 18th! -- over a week past today's date (when I should have been receiving all phones in the mail today). Pure ***!

I explained yet again to the customer service rep that I was previously told by the transactions department that if I decided to re order my shipment would be placed ahead of everyone else and expedited to me. He told me that that was impossible and it would NOT get done that way.

I asked to be transferred to the department that orignally told me that and he transferred me back to customer service, the place where originally started!

Someone else HAS to be experiencing these problems I CANT be the only one.

Cheers to the demise of Verizon (starting right here!) I'm bringing this *** down!


agreed. terrible company from my experience


this company is terrible, the hands do not know what the head is doing. its a shame becuase they have excellent technologies, but absolute morons running the show.

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