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I had bundled with comcast but was getting rid of my landline and switched that # to my cell phone. I was told that it would take 3-10 days for the switch to happen and I was adamant it couldn't happen sooner since I had a international phone call I needed to make the next day and was assured it would be at least 3 days before the switch so I went ahead.

Switch happened in less than 24hrs no one called or texted me from Verizon to let me know and because I had been late on my last bill (hubby out of work) they refused to let me call out long distance even tho we have been w/them for 13 yrs and have payed our bill when due for majority of time.

While the man that was helping me was wonderful that is where the customer service stopped. I hate these people but since they think they have a monopoly they also think they don't have to go out of their way to try to correct their own screw ups....I am switching to At&t.

Review about: Verizon Cell Phone Upgrade.

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