ESBI billed me falsely. What the heck is enhanced billing?

For what? Why does verizon allow these charges to be tagged on to their bill? How is ESBI getting away with this? Of course, I'm not paying for non services, but who needs this annoyance?

I am an elderly person and ESBI...I need my peace. I am truly P.O.'d also.!!!!!!!!!

I have not been too pleased since I've subscribed to FIOS. The cable tv is okay but if you don't have wireless the internet is sub par. I have had trouble with spyware and have had to order verizon secur-ity.

Also, someone else seems to have access to my computer. Everything that is described in spyware wikipedia is happening to me.

Look into what spyware can do to your operations. (Just an added thought) It might be how ESBI is adding those email charges and MO charges.

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cry me a river


Analog to Digital

This is one of the many e-mails I have sent to the FCC. They are ignoring the issue that millions of us will have when the switch-over happens.

The FCC says nothing of this in their commercials because they are hiding these facts. All these 'Help' websites and phone numbers will not address this issue. These phone answerers no nothing about this issue, they only regurgitate info that is easily found on Antennaweb.org and sites like that. Yesterday I tried to go as far up the ladder as I could to get someone at the FCC to answer my question. After many "let me get you my manager" I ended up on hold for 30 minutes until getting disconnected.

Digital signal drops dead after a max. of 50 miles. no matter what antenna you have. With millions of people being over 50 miles from the transmission tower, we are without picture. With all you major networks transmitting from the Empire State Building and me being 60.3 miles from there. Digitally, I get nothing except some college TV station and a Spanish station. Where in Analog, I have been happy for 47 years with my reception.

What is the FCC doing to keep citizens receiving the Networks that they are currently receiving with Analog?

The FCC must be aware that millions of citizens will be looking at a blue screen on June 12th even after spending the money to get the Converter box, after getting a rotary antenna and doing everything that the FCC said we need to do. The facts are that a digital signal does not have the characteristics of analog and millions of us that exceed the 50 mile range of the digital signal will be dropped from the information world of TV.

I live in New York. ALL the major New York networks transmit from the Empire State building. As the Crow Flies, that is over 60 miles from my home. After re-scanning my converter box and facing the antenna properly, I cannot receive a signal for ANY of the network TV I am used to watching. Is the FCC Thumbing their nose to millions of citizens? For months now I have written to DTV.GOV and FCC.gov and any other Website the FCC is throwing out during TV commercials, the only comments I get from these people are to turn my antenna and face it toward Connecticut. The few stations I can receive when doing this do me no good. I live in New York, I need to receive New York News stations. WABC, WNBC, WCBS, WPIX, FOX , the ONE Connecticut major network I get does not give me New York News.

When is the FCC going to put up repeaters just like every Cell Phone company knows it has to do to get it's digital signal out to the world?

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