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I pay for a wireless phone service that I do not totally receive. Verizon will not discount my phone bill for missing phone calls, text and emails.

They replace my phone but do not fix the problems. I had a problem with my last Android phone that Verizon could not fix so I had to buy a new phone that is now having issues due to a software update. They will send a new phone but it still ends up not working correctly becasue it is not the phone, it's the software program! I have had up to 5 new phones in the past year.

I have children that call me and I never receive their calls or texts sometimes. I would switch carriers but I would have to pay about 700 dollars to cancel 3 phones. How is this right?

You are not providing what I am paying for and I would have to pay to get out of my contract!!! Help please?

Review about: Verizon Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Sometimes there are known issues with software, and unfortunately androids most commonly have problems because of the app market. Anyways, sometimes VZW simply cannot fix the problem until the manufacturer releases a software update.

The only thing I can say is that if I were you I would call in and escalate as high up as I needed to until they send me a different but comparable model. That's difficult to do these days because warranty only offers replacement to same model, and they are much more strict with that, but sometimes talking to the right person, saying the right things the right way (sometimes that sweet and nice, sometimes that's raging ***) does the trick. I wish you good luck, and just as a heads up, don't bother asking in a walk-in location because those poor guys really don't have much control over the process.

Also, I recommend reading consumer reviews before buying a phone, and know that when you go with the latest and greatest, there will be bumps along the way.


I've experienced similar issues. Verizon sells a service to customers provided on devices sold & authorized by the corporation exclusively on that specific network.

Five phones & you tell a customer to contact the manufacturer? Wow, that should solve the problem... Blame it on someone else, what good is a service if the device doesn't function?

You can't have one without the other? If Verizon sells the devices, I expect them to solve network & product issues with the manufacturer.


Sir. Your phone must have a one year warranty.

And if you are paying for an extendee warranty we would replace the phone as many times we need.

Id suggest you to call the manufacturer of your phone. Have in mind that all verizon wireless is doing is providing you the servic but we dont make the phones.

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