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I have been with Verizon since 1998 at times with 3 lines. Every 2 yrs.

I get a upgrade and Verizon has complied with my special requests in order to remain a Verizon customer. I recently spent about 45 min. with a Customer Svc. Rep going over details to upgrade to a 3 or 4G and best ways financially to avoid their $30 data pkg.

I expressed to the rep that I was seriously thinking of going with another carrier such as Sprint due to their data pkgs. and NO extra fees. She provided me with a great deal on a 4G and worked out a pkg that might work for me minute wise to not make my already $80/mo. bill any larger.

She asked if I needed a couple days to think about it? I replied yes and asked if I could reach her when I made my decision. She said no she didn't have a direct line, but she would be happy to call me back that Fri. at noon and what a joy I was to deal with.

She went as far as to tell me I was the perfect customer and she wished they were all like me. I was excited to talk to her Fri. and never received a call!! I thought ok she'll call Sat.

am. Nope no call !!! Well that made my decision for me. I guess my loyalty for 14 yrs.

didn't warrant a promised return call to keep my business. Therefore I am now with Sprint love my Samsung Transformer Ultra 3G. When I called to cancel Verizon I explained to Rep why I was leaving them and all she could do was bash Sprint and tell me that WHEN I return to them within 90 days she'll offer me the same deal their other Rep dropped the ball on. Hmmmm would you be happy with this?

Not to mention the fact that Verizon always tries to collect on a bill when it's not even due yet! Did you know that you're basically paying a month in advance? My billing cycle ends on 28th yet they send me txt msgs.

saying my bill is due to avoid any inturuptions on the 23rd. If I'm a month ahead then don't scare me into giving you more money!!

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