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I just got off the phone with Verizon after 3 hours of being passed around from department to department of people who each proved to be as worthless as the last. And all of this to sort out problems that started back when I ordered the bundle package December '07.

I ordered the bundle package and after sending in the required verification and credit check stuff, I got a call that my service would be postponed because they didn't receive the verification and credit..well..stuff!! So, I called the 800 number back and just my luck, I got a customer service rep who was in India (note: I have nothing against India or anyone from India). The rep struggled to understand me and I struggled to understand her, but we trudged through it. I resent the fax, however, that pushed out my service date. We did verify what was being set up...the triple package (phone, internet, tv..remember this part!!).

So, the service guy comes out and sets up phone and internet. Remember, I already verified that I was getting phone, internet AND tv!! So, I end up calling Verizon yet again. Since the tv wasn't included in the order and the phone and internet wasn't bundled, I had to resend my credit check and verification stuff..again. Guess what....I got a call back that they didn't received it, so I went through the whole process again with someone from India..same scenerio. The service guy came out and this time set everything up's where more fun stuff starts.

After paying my next bill, my internet gets cut off. So, I'm on the phone with customer service. After about 2 hours of being passed around between departments, we get everything "resolved." Verizon mistake..they cut it back on. The next month rolls around (March by this time!!), and same issue...internet gets cut off. After another 2 hour marathon of being passed around, we find out that my service was not bundled and not only that. TV service wasn't being billed because it was being charged to my cell phone which wasn't even part of the bundle package. So, we get all that "fixed"

Here we are at June '08 and my internet service gets cut off, yet again!! After a 2 1/2 hour marathon session, we determine that the package isn't bundled. My phone and cell phone are combined on one bill and my internet and tv are bundled on a mysterious bill that never came out. However, we get that all resolved and I had to call when I got my bill in July to verify everything is set up correctly and that all of my credits have gone through.

Now here we are July '08 and just as I am about to call to verify everything, I find that my internet has been shut off again! Holy (insert word here)!!! So, I'm on the phone with Verizon again. And during the course of (no lie) 3 hours, I have literally circled through departments 2 and three times, dropped during a call once and all the while trying not to pull my hair out. Oh wait, I did just shave my head this morning. We found out that my service was finally bundled, however, I still owed money somehow for my internet service and TV service. Did I mention that I never saw a separate bill and was assured that I wouldn't owe anything? Well, one of the credits couldnt be applied because the guy I talked to during the last marathon had locked the account so no one could do anything, so they applied the credit to the phone/cell phone portion, but had to add the charge to the tv/internet portion. In all, I was told I had to cough up aobut $190.00. Ouch! So finally I reached a really sweet young lady who actually had a clue! She actually understood my frustration because she's seem this happen too many times before (yup, her words!!). To get my internet cut back on (which will take 48 hours from payment by the way), I only had to cough up $118.00 which she actually stayed on the line while I did the automated thing. We'll see how this all pans out in 48 hours.

The problem with their customer service is (and I'm an Industrial efficiency expert!!) that they have too many departments that only know their own part of the organization. Most of the time, I was forwarded onto the wrong department or the call was forwarded to a non-working number. Yes, a non-working number. The few people that cared, actually stayed on the line and talked to the other customer service associate before passing me off. So..that's my two cents..not to mention that my Fios internet service drops quite often as a result of the Actiontec router which is terrible!!!

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