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Verizon has customer service?

Our internet took a dump having been stuck at a whooping 30 kbs speed (not a typo) that peaks at 52. Checked the usual things - and finally figured out a tech would need to come out (after 3 calls to Tech assist) Took awhile to time a schedule right. Tech confirmed bad modem. That was not the bad part. The bad part was having to deal with the dodo birds that occupy space at Verizon's customer service. Call 4 went well, and was ready to order a modem (this was their Billing Dept). Had to ask the dumb question if there was a store I could run to. Verizon Plus stores would carry it I was told, so I opted to get it first hand (had a store next to work). Ended up being a bust, and the clerk laughed at why I was told to come to the store as they stopped stocking modems for some time.

Call 5 somehow ended up with Tech Assist. They said, no can help, call Billing. Call 6 went to Billing - the deadbeat said they don't deal with modem replacements, need to contact Tech. Call 7 went to Tech and the line cut off. Each call, a 15-20 minute ordeal. That's it - switching to Cox.

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Try ebay! You can get them brand new for about half the price. I got mine for $23.00 and works great.

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