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Yes, like most other communication companies, there are charges that are not included in their advertised promotions.But with their advertised triple play price of $84.95, the actual amount is over $ 120.00.That is with taxes, surcharges and equipment.I believe the commuication commision or some othet agency should make all these companies include these chages in their advertisements.Yes, some may vary but it should still be stated.I do not know whatelse to state, but a law should be mandated for these companies to include all possible cost.I was told by another compamy that certain figures are variable.Bbut they should at least state a minimim.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #788558

I had the same issue! I was told that I would only be paying 74.99!

I only received one bill of that and after that instead of getting separate bills for phone and one for TV and internet I started getting quarterly bills that were up to $500.00 I almost fell out! I couldn't cancel, couldn't get anyone to work with me and had agents laugh at me when I quoted , mailed or told them about the original agreement. When the contract was up and I was in debt-it turned out to be more than my mortgage, they became more accessible, because they wanted money! I couldn't get anyone to renegotiate or even cancel-yet every week in the ail I received the same offer for the exact same bundle I had !

I was told oh well, that comes from outside vendors-we have no control over them! I never ever received the 300.00 visa or the 200.00 one , which I would have used instantly to pay the bill! I never got an explanation of why I was sold one thing and then received another and now that they say I am out of contract and owe thousands for a service I have not used. I could not get them to even cancel and I did my level best to pay them, even when I had no income and major surgery.

Finally they shut it off! The good thing is that I will never be their customer again! It will take a minute to pay it off and even with illness I have no phone service! But I am free!

They won't miss me! They have too many other people to do the good ole bait and switch on!

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