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We recently switched our old family plan to the new shared data plan. On the old plan, adding up the usage, we went over 2 GB twice in 2 years, so we opted for the 4 GB shared data plan to be safe.

We happened to have switched plans with one remaining day of our billing cycle, so our bill for the cycle was 30 days of the month on the old plan, with 1 day refunded of the old plan, plus one day's worth of the new plan.

Of course, on the first day, we all reloaded our apps that were on the old phones, so that day had about .5 GB of data usage. However, they calculated that we were only allowed a prorated amount of shared data for that one day of .129 GB, which is the 4GB divided by 31 days. Because we went over the .129 GB on that one day, they added a $15 charge for going over the .129 GB !!!!

This proration for partial months was not explained to us at contract time, and it is misleading business practice to charge 100% of an overage fee when we were allocated only 1/31 of our shared data allotment. At most, they should have charged us 48 cents ($15 divided by 31).

I called customer service, explained it to them, and they removed the $15 charge. Although happy to have fixed the issue, I remain pissed because a) this took 15 minutes to decipher my bill and another 15 minutes on the phone, and b) the customer service clerk said he would remove the $15 charge "as a courtesy" instead of "we're taking the $15 off because it isn't fair to bill you the way we did."

If you are moving to Shared Data, watch your bill!!

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I got their novatel MiFi hotspot to try out which was around $4.00 to tryout free if returned within 3days. I was told that if I return after three days there may be a 14.99 fee which would be for data usage which i can understand.

It was theFourth of July which fell early this year so I did not return it til July 8 first thing Monday morning. They said I will be billed $35.00 activation fee which I totally balked at. This left such a sour taste in my mouth. Also their data plans are outrageous!!!!!!

Don't be a "sheeple, people. Don't stand for it.

They are bilking the public.

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