i told the rep when i was going to change to fios that my payment would always be a month ahead due to ss checks, then in june found out that i was being charged for a sevvice that they were supposed to connect at time of installation, unfortunetly they never hooked it up but i was paying all those months . so i called in june to make them aware and the total came to 94.00 they said dont pay it until they resolve it,thats where the promlem comes in .

now they say i owe for june and i'm always late which isridiculous because my ss check comes at the 3rd of every month, that is why i was ahead, then they tell me yesterday that i am always late, because of your mistake , then they give me a credit over a period of three months that i already received and said they didn't receive a payment from me for which they did in june, and as far as the comp it takes 1/2 hour to get on . i never had so much trouble with my computer since fios was hooked up.

i think it is the worst co i ever dealt and talking to people they agree and left the package started out at 79.00 i added two in home cameras for 10.00 a month a piece now i pay 126.00. can't get an answer why

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