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Went in to buy a Straight Talk Phone that I had picked out online. Well here comes Christopher Smooth Talker!

I thought he was a wal-mart employee. But he wasn't , he talked me into a Verizon phone and plan. After lying to me about the straight talk phone that I really came to buy. Several times, I asked ...."so how much will my first bill be?" And every time he said " 54.bucks".

I was okay with that . But then I got home and decided I can't afford the phone and it was too much phone for me. 2 days later I go in and want to return it. I have everything I need and the documents saying I have up to 14 days to return the phone.

Anyway 3 times I tried to return the damn phone and they would not do it. Recieved my first bill , its was not 54. it was 126...then I get locked out of my verizon account because when Christopher asked me to give him a 6 digit pin for my log in with My Verizon he changed the pin without asking me and then never told me what he changed my pin too. Now what is going on here?

The last girl I tried to return my phone to told me that she would take care of the issues with the log in and the charges on my bill, then would call me the next day....well I never heard a thing from anybody. Dang Wal-mart what are you doing ? Do I need to get a lawyer just to return something?

I used to think wal-mart excepts returns on anything! Now I have a phone I can't pay and soon won't be able to use.

Lost all the time on the prepaid phone card I was trying to get a phone for in the first place. All I wanted to do was get the Ae01 Galaxy for 69.99....but everytime I mentioned that , they would start telling me it was outdated and basically LIED to my face.He tried to tell me it was 400.oo Please really ...Don't go to wal-mart for a phone because you will be bullied and lied to. And be stuck with something you don't want and can't afford. Oh and the best thing is I already ran out of data and am being charged 15$ for every gig of data I use from here on out.

And I still can't get into my account I've been locked out of it. Because I don't know what he changed my PIN number too?

This is not funny at all. I AM PISSED


Monetary Loss: $281.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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