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I quit Verizon. I loved the Fios (once i got it).

The reason is I spent several hours getting tossed around like a ball in a 3 ring circus in what they call customer service. It was simply the worst so called customer service experience I have ever had in my 44 years on earth. I switched back to Time Warner Cable. They have Road Runner Turbo which is faster than DSL & their customer service Reps can handle any service they offer with great efficiency and Knowledge.

I now have my home phone, Cable & Internet with them and could not be happier. Verizon just simply was not worth the time and aggravation.

I say this in all honesty because i spent several hours a week on the phone with them for problems that could have been handled in less that 20 minutes. I would give their products a B average and their customer a D- average

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I couldn't agree with you more. Tomorrow I am on day 4 of an ongoing saga: I called 2 weeks ago to cancel (I had gone to month to month) and they offered me such an amazing deal we signed up for another 2 months.

Weirdly, we lost half the channels we had before, so I called. Was given the run around (again, day 4 now, escalated since 3 days ago) and found out that I was NOT given the prices I was quoted on the phone, but the normal rate they would give anyone. I call and get put back into the que constantly, no one knows anyone. Tomorrow, no matter what they offer, I'm going to cancel my phone (just use the cell) FIOS (perhaps get netflix) and a cheaper internet provider.

I thought I would miss such luxuries but I feel a strange peace about the whole thing. They can go whistle up a rope, the commies.

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