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I had been with verzion for a little over 6 years, and when I upgraded my phone to a new touch screen I was excited. Well, the phones touch screen stopped working twice...and I told verzion I wanted a different phone, and wanted one that was under $100 as I was fed up with getting the phone replaced with another defectivce one.

The first store tried to sell me a $200 phone, and I when I wanted to close my account, for $130, he sent me to another store, after telling me to call *611 from my cell that did not work. I get to the other store, and the guy is a lot nicer, and gets me into a phone for, as he told me and the others with me, for $50. Low and behold, I get my bill for the month, and it is $258!!! $94 for the cell....$94 in overerages, as they screwed up my cell plan....and $68 for a reg cell bill and some other *** charges!!

I called customer service, as I have never had a reason to complain about my bills, and not only was she rude...but refused to help me in anyway. I have now closed the account and switched cell phone companies, to a company with excellent customer service, T-Mobile. But I have never gotten so much attitude as I have with verzion, they act like they have better things to do then help and listen to their cusomters. They should either hold classes to teach their employees how to treat customers, or rethink the whole cell phone business.

Then I give my friend my old verzion phone, as she is still with them...and they refuse to activate the phone for her because she is on someones account, as an authorized user no less, and the lasy we talked with not only refused, but was rude at the same time. When will verzion realize that us customers are people too and we have feelings and deserve to be treated with some respect.

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I have an env touch and do not have a data plan. It's not required, unless you signed a contract for a phone deal that required a data plan. If that's the case, then it's on you!


Since I had no choice to switch to Verizon its been a total nightmare and thier reps jobs are not to sove problems but to justify the problem so they can bill you its all about them making the big bucks


Verizon is now charging a $9.99 data package on phones such as the envy 3 and the chocolate touch.(they have not required a data package prior to Jan 18. 2010).

Even if you do not want this package you need to puchase it. Or you will need to get a phone that is not up to date. They are making you pay $240.00(over a two year contract and you can't cancel it)for a service you do not want or use. If you have more than one line thats $960 they get(we have 4 lines).

Its just like if your tv is hd and you only want basic cable you have that right. Verizon is losing a long time customer over this!!!!!


I worked for T-Mobile, but I'll always enjoy Verizon.

1. Some of cellphone policies in general are dumb. For example, you need to go through 3 of the same phone before you can get a different exchange.

2. Touch screen phones are ***. The biggest complaints at T-Mobile were with touch screen phones.

3. The reps are people too! If you respect them, they will respect you! You throw attitude at them and I hope they do treat you like *** because I've been in their shoes. Reps have bent over backwards for those who are nice to them and can give *** to those who are jerks. And by the way, our supervisors generally support our decisions and will stick with it as much as they can. There is a reason that customer service reps get paid more than minimum wage and that's because we have to deal with some of the biggest *** in existance. But of course, there are just *** reps (not as many as *** customers).


I had the exact same situation but with T-Mobile. I actually had one of their reps tell me I was a high maintenence customer because all I did was complain.

I have been with Verizon now for 6 years and never had a problem.

I honestly think it's all the luck of the draw on who you get when you ask for help. I do hope they continue to give you good service though, everyone deserves it, no matter who you are with.

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