My i-phone broke, Verizon sent me a reconditioned one that turned out to be bad. They sent me a second reconditioned phone.

I immediately began getting calls & texts from an out of state # and the following morning my facebook account had been accessed. Verizon finally figured out they mixed up phones in shipping. I told them I wanted a NEW phone,not a reconditioned phone. I don't feel comfortable using these reconditioned phones, there is always a problem with them.

Spoke to several people to no avail. Now Louie M has not even returned my calls. Been a customer for over 10 yrs.

I guess they don't care about customer loyalty. Must be time for a change?

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So you have been a customer for over 10 years? And this is the first time a cell phone company ever gave you a reconditioned phone and not a brand new one?

I have had service since '97 and they always send out a reconditioned device. So why are you just now complaining about it.

And change to a different company who uses the same company practices that all cell phone companies use? Mistakes do happen and that they tried to correct everything for you.


Seems like I'm not alone with reading all these issues.

From a corporate standpoint, Verizon wireless' customer service is extremely poor! The cheapest excuse is that someone will call you and that your credits will be applied when no one follows through.

I had a bill for over 1G. An amount that I had never received while in any phone service - let alone anywhere else. Apparently after speaking with more than 20 representatives, my plan was screwed up when it was changed over. No kidding?!?! On top of that, I was charged a $599.99 phone replacement fee over a phone that "I thought" was returned and taken care of 2 months ago. So I thought...

Previously I had a Droid Razr Maxx, which was garbage! I returned a brand new phone for a used one over 7 times. You would think that as much as Verizon robs of you, you would receive a brand new phone when having issues. Wrong! They greed of money only offers you used phones and they have the nerve to convince you that they are not. After the 7th time of replacing the phone - I had gone personally to the Verizon store and expressed to them my dilemma. The representative who assisted me suggested that I call Verizon and request a different brand. I did as suggested as soon as I arrived home that same day and I was sent the Samsung SIII. At this point, I had told the representative to cancel my order for the replacement of the Droid since they were sending me the Samsung. Two months later, I'm still fighting a $599.99 charge over something that I thought was taken care of. You would think that after 7 times, this would be second nature to me in knowing exactly what I need to do with replacement phones. Besides this, they are asking for verification over something that was done and settled with...so I thought.

The following is the calling log I have gathered thus far. Not to include the calls I previously made prior to the 12th:

3-12-13 – Cory Representative stated my phone plan would sum up to $126.20. Two supervisors verified the information was correct and credits should be applied. Still waiting...

3-16-13 – Zack Representative. Credits pending.

3-19-13 – Rodriguez Representative stated credits pending, requested and transferred to a supervisor.

3-19-13 Supervisor – Ebony (Washington State) ***$599.99 credit to be applied*** Ebony stated that because of company protocol, she could not process a credit for more than $600 and that it would take a couple of days for the credit to be applied to my account. She ensured me that she would return my call personally and that once the credit is processed, my account should amount to $124.00 as promised by the previous rep. Since then, I have not received a call from Ebony.

Throughout the week, I kept receiving messages from Verizon in regards to interruption of service till the Friday, March 22nd where I received a voicemail stating they would disconnect my service if a payment was made.

3-22-13 Spoke to Dorothy representative who gave me a number of a supervisor named Marcy and apparently gave me her direct number at 585-406-5414. Since then I have called this number and I've received nothing but voicemail as if the phone is shut off and never turned on. If you ask me, I was fooled again into a bogus number.

3-24-13 Voicemail to Marcy

3-25-13 Voicemail to Marcy

3-25-13 Spoke to yet another supervisors who I had re-explain my story and to no avail was useless.

3-25-13 Spoke to Michael representative – stated that Ebony tried calling me 1:50pm on March 25, 2013. I find that hard to believe when there was no message or phone call recorded. No surprised! Michael ensured me that Ebony would try again the following day, March 26 at 1:00pm.

3-26-13 Spoke to another representative who transferred me to the fraudulent department who again, was useless and had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't of waited 2 months to take care of the situation. I'm sorry, did he not look at my records of calling several times since the charges were posted. I'm sorry, this reflects the poor customer service of a company that cannot get there act together and resolve their discrepancies to rob customers. I don't understand how promises are constantly made that are not fulfilled, incorrect information is given and supervisors have no clue of what their responsibilities or authorities are.

3-26 – Spoke to yet another representative; Michele who stated Ebony would follow up at 11pm. What company contacts their customers in the wee hours of the night? Then she changed the information and that it would be by 9pm. Then she stated that she couldn't promise me that she would call. On top of that, I'm not sure if I should hold my breath since anyone who claims they'll call or follow up with an email on the credits does not follow thru. In addition, they have no idea who the people are - they can't give out information and they themselves cannot contact them. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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