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I changed carriers for my wireless service on Nov 19. I moved over to TMobile from Verizonwireless, as Verizon's fees were getting too high.

I went into a TMobile store, and their staff helped me with a new phone and service switchover. SMOOTH! OK, now the fun begins. I get a bill from Verizonwireless for $90.32.

This is from Nov 19 to Dec 18th, WHAT??? A month of service that I did not even have an account with them!!! I called several times (4) and talked to different "customer service" people, even management, but that was a joke! I explained the situation, but they told me that it takes about a day to "switch" all the info, so that put me into another billing cycle with them, and I owed for the full month.

They also stated that if it was not paid, it would eventually go to collections and run up late fees. No help, no waiver of the fees, no discount, no NOTHING! I find it extremely unfair to charge customers for service they did not receive.

In light of all the advertising dollars they spend trying to get people to sign up with them, I hope it was worth the $90.32 to forever tarnish my opinion of their service and reputation. BE WARNED!

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Actually, they told me directly that they DO NOT PRORATE. And, the final closing statement was for the full montly amount plus the taxes and fees :(


You know if you wait for your closing statement it will prorate and correct itself right

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