Dropped my ally lg once and the screen shattered. No I.

Didn't have insurance I thought that would be for loss and I would be very carefull. They didn't have any pre owned replacements and directed me to a verizone store with a tech. I called they arnt allowed to work on verizone phones. So my screen looks like a spider web with two years untill a upgrade.

This was after they wouldn't send the 100$ rebate.

I h ad included all the information the verizone dealer had told me was necessary. Ps I did fix the broken glass with plastic and tape.

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Busted your phone, sounds like you busted your head before your phone if you think Verizon should owe you anything for it. Oh yeah, I now understand why my new iron has a warning that reads "Do not iron with clothes on" people like this one....


So, you're pissed because YOU admittedly BROKE YOUR PHONE? You didn't buy insurance; why should Verizon give you anything? ITS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.

Meanwhile, Verizon is destroying my credit over debt that never existed.

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