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Paul Mxxxxxxx

1xx Seventh Street

Lxxxxx City, Texas xxxxx

26 May 2009

GTE Customer Service (Re: FIOS)

Attn: Axxxxx Axxxxxxx (or---) 338-6511

229 W. Main Street (delivered to: 1701 Lxxxxx City Parkway)

L City, Tx xxxxx

Dear sir,

Good thing I decided to deliver this letter in person instead of mailing it. Your office at the above address, which I got from the phone book, is vacated. The one behind it, at 125 Galveston Street, has all the appearances of a working facility. Several Verizon trucks parked there look like late models, clean and unabandoned. Yet no one answers the door, and the telephone at the door doesn't work. Why am I unsurprised?

My neighbor just told me that he called the number above, which I also got from the phone book. He got a recording saying it would cost $5 to make the call, or that he could call a different number. I reached another number, also in your book, and talked to somebody in Dallas who didn't have a clue.

I notice in the Verizon yellow pages, you have no listing under "telephone companies." I DON'T BLAME YOU!

Now on to the original letter itself.

Three generations of my family have lived in L City all our lives. We have enjoyed below par telephone service ever since we got our first party line in the 1950s. Our number was x-xxxx. The calibre of service has been rather consistent in all that time, even as GTE had to change it's name to Verizon in an attempt to clean up its image.

I won't bore you with chapter and verse, but you can pull the work orders for my address to see how often your repair people have been out here. Without exception, every problem has been on your side of the NID.

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor, an elderly lady confined to a wheel chair because of a stroke, was without telephone service all week-end. I enclose a letter from Mrs Gxxxx herewith.

Other neighbors, a copy of the xxxxx' letter also attached, gave up and discontinued business with Verizon after seven years of chronic bad service.

I also represent by proxy the other residents on my street, the xxxxxxxxx at 1xx and xxxxxxxxxx at 1xx.

Together, everyone in the 100 block of Seventh Street in Lxxxxx City hereby requests that you connect the FIOS service that you recently installed for the proposed Township subdivision, presently unused by anyone and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, to our existing copper, or to replace our copper with more FIOS. Existing overhead telephone service -- the last leg of which for some time consisted of an orange extension cord such as is sold at Lowe's or Home Depot -- drops to ground at the north end of Kansas Avenue and then crosses to our side of Seventh Street where service is buried to each destination address.

Thank you,


Paul M 332-xxxx


To whom it may concern,

I too have had WAY below par service at 281-332-xxxx & 554-xxxx, & 472-xxxx.

We had so much static that I discontinued my attempt at a data serve on the old analog line that I purchased for that purpose.

If we get the modern service of a fiber optic line like the NON existing neighbors across the street, I will switch my data needs to Verizon & give [you] another chance.


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