Had this service as long as i can take it' the very worst possible service and nightmare you could imagine in the service area zip code 02301 MA. if you live in this area do not get verizon anything' their service, phone and internet dsl is the very worst.

they have been to my location over 20 times in the last 4 months and the problem is always outside their support is the worst i ever experienced in my life. i just can put up with it any longer its not worth health issues over this company. its to bad our local government only offers basic internet and phone to only a few companies, this is the reason why so many have problems because we are stuck with either paying hi prices for cable or satellite or have to suffer because there is not enough service companies to make the few get there act together to correct the problems that exists in these problem areas..... no matter i had enough' so be warned' sat as far away from verizon DSL & phone as you possibly can.....

you have been warned in advance' good luck finding a good affordable internet and phone service in this area zip code 02301.

if you live in this zip code area you should start complaining to your local town governing body to make them get you better service in this area. GOOD LUCK!

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