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I am a old Verizon customer, never again will I use Verizon services! I have had nothing but problems from Verizon.

Verizon should really consider trying to improve their customer service, I am sure I'm not the only one who feels this way either. Plus they need to make it easier for customers to get a hold of actual people when they call because the machine doesn't solve all problems, especially if your like me and no longer have a Verizon number to enter at the beginning of the call. I will briefly describe some of my problems, one was that I broke my phone with out insurance and was still under contract so I couldn't get a new phone with out it costing me more money than I had to spend but I couldn't go with out a phone so after trying to work out something with Verizon and not getting any help, I had to resort to buying a phone off of craigslist. I found a phone I liked and called Verizon before I bought it and made sure that it would not raise my bill and that it was clear and ready to go for me to active that day, Verizon told me that it was "Good and Clear and Would NOT Raise my bill." So then I proceeded to buy the phone, went to activate it and it ended up being on the stolen list.

I was furious by this point because Verizon told me that it was good when I gave them the pin number before I bought the phone, and by this point I had been without a phone for several days and spent all I could afford to spend on this phone that Verizon assured me was clear. I couldn't go any longer without a phone and had no more money to spend on another phone so I called Verizon and went from manager to manager telling them the problem and trying to get some kind of help. Finally, after being on the phone for almost 2 hours, I got some help. Verizon took the phone they assured me that was clear off the stolen list and activated it for me.

So then all was good again till I started getting phone calls and people complaining about my caller music they would hear every time they called me, it was like terrible elevator music. I didn't add that to my phone, Verizon did, and with out my permission. Then later when I get my cell phone bill, which is normally $40 a month, my part was $50 for this phone. Verizon told me more than once that this phone wouldn't raise my bill, but that was a lie because my bill went up by $10 a month.

When I called Verizon about it they couldn't speak to me about it because my parents are the account holders. I no longer live with my parents and they have told Verizon multiple times that it is okay for me to discuss my own business about the account with Verizon without them present, and when I was trying to fix all these issues with Verizon over this new phone my family was on vacation and so it was very inconvenient for them to have to keep trying to deal with Verizon. After these and a few more smaller issues I decided to switch carriers. So I put my cell phone on Craigslist to sell it, and ended up selling it.

The next day after I sold it I had voice mails from the guy who bought my phone telling me that my phone was on the stolen list and that he has already called the cops and he will press charges. I am not a bad person, I've never stole anything in my life and I definitely didn't steal that phone! I never imagined that Verizon would put it back on the stolen list. I'm glad I didn't give the phone to my little brother that phone for Christmas like I had originally planned because my parents decided my little brothers need phones and I was going to give them my phone so they wouldn't have to buy one but they decided to let my brothers pick out new phones but my point is that Verizon should have never put it back on the stolen list because I didn't steal it and I would have NEVER bought it in the 1st place if it wasn't for Verizon giving me the okay to do so.

Verizon would make money on the phone if it's in use but won't make a dime off it now because its just going to have to be thrown away. If it wasn't on the stolen list it would be activated right now and bringing in money, but no instead its got a man very angry with me and calling me a thief when I haven't done anything wrong.

I tried to call and talk to someone in charge to resolve this issue and state my complaint but when I finally got past the answering machine and got to talk to a actual human being, she was very rude and not helpful at all, I understand she probably wasn't happy when I was calling because she was having to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas but I could help it, I didn't want to be calling her as much as she didn't want me calling but I had cops calling me so I needed to know what to do to be able to prove that I didn't steal this phone, but she couldn't speak with me about the account because I was no longer in it and my parents are the account holders. So since I cant seem to get any help, I have resorted to writing this complaint.

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Switched to sprint. Save over 45 dollars a month plus get unlimited everything. Worst thing about all that is I was a 12 year customer.


Hey So sad,

Maybe she was missinformed regarding the Pin number. And who are you to judge her regarding being on her parents phone plan.

You don't know her or her circumstances. Shame on you.


I am so sorry to say this but I have AT&T and I have the same issues! I am not sure at this point which phone company can be the best in customer service!

At this point, I believe that phone companies know that we need cell phones, and they just don't care what customer care they give you, bc no other company has stepped up and made themselves better so if no competition, no reason to change! Sad but true!!!


If you want to know whether a phone is safe or not you have to provide them with the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) or MEID (Mobile Identification number) to tell if the phone is safe to use. That is the only way to tell, There is no such thing as providing them with a pin number.

Don't blame Verizon because you didn't provide them the right information. Furthermore if you're still on your parents plan that is pathetic.

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