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today is Jan. 18th 2010 and I was support to have my phone back on Dec.

15th 2009. and the dsl turn on on Jan.2. I turn the phone a week before i know i been home so that everything would be in place. on DEC 28th went I got home I seen there was no dial tone got a hold of Verizon and keep being told they would be there to fix the line for a week before any one show up then they change the date on my dsl again to the 6th of Jan.

well on Jan 8th someone finally got me a dial tone which only lasted 2 days before guess what no dial tone again in the mean time they change the date again for my dsl giving me a run around as to why it still was on by this time I got a bill for half a month and one month in advance and had even had service and the two day I did you was picking up a radio so bad you couldn't talk on the phone. so I call them again was told to be home on two different they could come on guess no show just got a call saying they come the day after. well the finally show up and was told a part in the box on the side of the house they replace went out again. By 3hours late no dial tone again and still putting up the radio which i was told would no longer happen.still getting a run around on my dsl.

was told someone would come Friday no one show just got a machine saying they would be there the next day guess what no one again now its Monday we will see. I was told by one of there tech almost 2 weeks ago that i needed a whole new line to fix these problems and to get my dsl but so far they are getting no where. the bad thing is the only reason I got them was for the dsl service which now the date has been change 4 times. was told that they would give me updates on the dsl which they have not done part of the time the last date they give me was jan.

15th three days ago.when I got a hold of them about the bill where I didn't have working service due to there line and the box on side of the house and was told I would have to pay it and that I would get a credit two to three months from now for a bill i got and didn't even have working service for. The bad thing is in my area they are the only phone company and I know for a fact that I'm not the only person having problems with my service or getting them to get people line working right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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