We had FIOS TV installed yesterday. It worked for about four hours, then quit.

We called Verizon for tech support and they weren't able to solve the problem over the phone and said they couldn't have anyone out to our home for 5 (five) days! We're expecting out-of-town guests, one who's a very big sports nut, and we're not going to have any TV. This is just not acceptable customer support. We had heard about poor Verizon FIOS TV customer service and, unfortunately, now most certainly agree.

Stay with Comcast! Stay with Comcast!

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I can relate. We had two Verizon guys in our apartment for two days, and then 3 of them for one day, before they were able to get it to work. A key was getting them to admit that they equipment they were using was used and defective.

At one point, their supervisor was arguing to me that the reason we couldn't get CBS was because they had stopped broadcasting.

Remember, they pay these guys very little, so you'll just have to deal with ineptitude, rudeness, etc. It IS America, after all.


Sorry to hear of you issue, I to had the same problem. Here is where I found help:

Verizon Headquarters

Customer Relations

140 West St

New York, NY 10007


Be ready to deal with a few rud people in order to get to the person who will be willing to help. They will ask you several times if you have spoken to the supervisor at the "other" fios customer service..YES, YES, YES..have patience! Good Luck

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