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I bought a new blackberry storm 2 from Verizon Wireless a month ago. About a week ago, the power lock button stopped working.

Last night, I took it to the Verizon Wireless store where I got it, and was told they would replace it, but didn't have any in right then. They offered to send me to another store, or mail one. I opted to wait until they did have one in. (I was surprised they wouldn't have any, and suspected they were not being honest).

I called today, and before explaining I wanted a warrenty replacement, I asked if they had any blackberry storm 2's in stock. He said, oh yes, lots of them. Then, I explained, I wanted one as a warrenty replacement. He said, oh no, we don't have any of those.

I said, but you just said you did. He said that warrenty replacements are not "brand new" phones, but "certified new" phones. I asked, what is the difference. He said that certified new are "like new".

It came out that what they are is someone else's rejected phone.

I find this totally unacceptable. At the very least I would want my own phone fixed for free.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I am currently waiting for my 6th certified refurbished phone to arrive, replacing the one I just received yesterday. Was on the phone for 2 hours trying to activate the new one. Finally got it activated and it freezes after every call made.

Customer services was very pleasant and offered to replace with a new phone, using the upgrade available on my account. However, this would void my current contract on that line and I would enter into another 24 month contract (for that line only). so, when it is time to renew on my other 2 lines, I would pay a penalty on this line if I did not continue with verizon.

Another option, add a 4th line for $9.99 a month and I could get a deal on a brand new phone. Probably $200 off the retail cost. But I would be in contract to pay for that 4th line for 24 months - somehow, it does not add up to spend $240 + tax and all those other things they add on, to save $200.

I like the post by "whatever", glad you don't work for them anymore :)


Where does Verizon get phones to recertify? From the 1.00 trade in they so generously offer on a 2 month old disconnected (by choice) phone ? Rip offs !


You guys obviously work for Verizon. I used to work for them too, and they are a crooked company.

You pay for a new item, it breaks, any good faith dealer will replace it with a model of similar value. Verizon depends on people not reading their contracts because they throw ambiguous language in them to get rich.

Oh and by the way, I worked as their general counsel for over 8 years. :)


First off, way to double post.

Next off, there is so much wrong in what you said.

1) If you want YOUR PHONE, replace it though the manufacturer instead of VZW, and then wait for 2 weeks without a phone while you send it in and wait for them to fix it. That's totally something you can do. I'd also like to add that you still wanted to replace a phone with a different phone when you thought it was new, so maybe the fact that it wasn't YOUR PHONE isn't really what you're getting at after all...

2) They couldn't have dropped it in the toilet; that would have voided the warranty and Verizon wouldn't have replaced it.

3) Repairing product is not what Verizon is there for. It's like taking your TV to your cable provider when it acts up. The stores are there to sell stuff. Period. They're not trained to fix stuff, and they have no reason to be because they're busy enough as is.

This isn't a 'lawyer's response'. This is common sense. If someone used a blackberry for a day and then handed it to you and told you it was new and they wanted you to give them a new replacement, you wouldn't, because even a day of use makes for a used phone. This is true of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, and even Citizens Mojave Cellular. You can have someone repair your phone, but you'll be without a phone for a while, because the manufacturer wants to make sure no one is getting a free phone off them. There may even be a phone repair shop in your area. Stop feeling jilted and realize that the way things are is fine, it's just not what you're demanding.


My phone is like my toothbrush. I want my own phone,not anybody else's.

Especially since my phone was only a month old when it malfunctioned. The replacement phone could have been nearly a year old before it malfunctioned, and you have no way of knowing who owned it, or what they did to it. For all you know they could have dropped it in the toilet. I want all dealers of these products to employ people trained by the manufacturer to repair the product.

Why is this too much to ask? I don't want a lawyer's response - I want good customer service that does not end when you buy the phone. I felt that they glad-handed me when I was looking to buy a phone, and then after I bought it and came back with issues, they put me off. I would never have known I was not going to get a new phone unless I had pressed for the truth.

Fortunately it is a minor problem with the phone.

It does not seem to drain the battery not to turn it off. And when I reboot it, it comes back on automatically.


My telephone is like my toothbrush. I want my own, I don't want anybody else's no matter how refurbished.

Especially since I had only had the phone for just over a month. The refurbished phone might have been nearly a year old before it malfunctioned, and you have no way of knowing what was done to it - maybe they dropped it in the toilet for all you know. I would like all dealers to employ a repair staff trained by the manufacturer to repair the product. Why is this too much to ask?

And I still do expect that when a phone malfunctions within the warrenty period, I should either have my phone repaired for free, or get a brand new one.

I don't want a lawyer's response. I want good honest customer service that does not end after you buy the product.


The above comment is right. Let me also add that the warranty replacement for any phone is actually through the manufacturer, and VZW just honors that themselves since if you went through Blackberry, they would make you send your phone back, then you'd wait for 2 weeks while they fixed it and sent it back to you.

Going through VZW means you don't have to send your phone in until you get one from them.

Also, as far as the 'like-new' thing goes, do you have a new phone? No, you do not. You have used your phone.

It is a used phone. It is NOT new. It is like-new, but hey, that's why they're replacing it with a like-new phone! Nearly every industry does this with warranties.

Oh, and before you go on about switching to another carrier, they ALL do it this way. Every last one.


read your contract. it clearly states that you get a worry free guarantee replacement within the first 30 days which is another brand new phone.

it also states that outside of the 30 days it will be replaced with a certified like new phone of same model or comparable. vzw is indeed holding up their end of the warranty it's just that you didn't read your contract to see what your rights were.

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