Verizon Wireless has decided to charge a $2/month fee to pay your bill on-line or through your phone. So, I, a customer who has had only two cell providers in the past 15 years, am looking for my 3rd provider.

I pay Verizon almost $1500/year and they want to charge anoter $48/year, to pay my Verizon bill - over the network that VERIZON OWNS!

To try to get $48/year more they are willing to give up $1500/year in current fees they are currently collecting. A wise, wise decision by a business that obviously has way too much business and needs to trim their customer base.

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I was bent over as about as far I I could go when I heatd they have changed their mind about the extra $48 a year! A 12 year customer who has never paid late! Thanks Verizon!


This $2. fee is a rip off, I think I'll go to the store and pay in cash.


That ought to create a few jobs if everyone does it. I'll be looking for a new carrier too.

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