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Although, I pay for insurance as part of my Verizon plan, I have not been able to get a working phone for the past six months. I have had at least seven different types of refurbished phones in the past six months, and all of the phones that were sent to me have been defective. (All Seven or Eight)

Since I have been having so much problem with my blackberry, I was upgraded to a Droid phone, and I was told that I needed to pay for the battery and the rear cover which cost me $50.00. I paid the fifty dollars and waited patiently on the phone and battery which took approximately four days because an approval was needed. Upon receiving the phone, Guess What? It did not work, the darn phone did not even turn on! the screen would remained black even after charging and removing battery and resetting.

UnBeLiEvEaBLe!! I was sent a phone that could not even be activated because I was sent another broken phone. This one Did not even light up!

It gets better! I called Verizon twice to get the situation resolved. My first call, I was transferred three times and spent a total of 52 minutes to be told that there was no record that I was sent a Droid phone. I ask for a supervisor and was told that there was not a supervisor available, and if it was a supervisor available, nothing was going to be changed. End result--- no help. I wasted my time and No suggestions about getting my $50.00 dollars back for the battery I purchased for this phone.

I called back ten minutes later and spoke with Eric, after holding for about 20 minutes,I requested a supervisor. Eric ask me to explain the situation to him and he would try and help. After repeating six months of problems phones, and explaining the situation with the broken phone that could not be activated, Eric was no help. A total of 45 minutes for Eric to tell me the same thing I was told before. I ask Eric again for a supervisor. He said if I wanted to complain go to the Verizon website.

With service like this, why does Verizon workers ask customers to upgrade their phones and be locked in with bad service and be tortured for another two years? I Can Not Wait For My Contract To End.

End Result, None. I have a total of three defective phone that I need to send back and I still do not have a working phone. But, I am sure as *** I will receive a bill for full service, whether I have a working phone or not. If I cancel my service before my contract is over, I will be charged a penalty;although, I can not seem to get a phone that works!

What is wrong with this picture!

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