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We spent an hour and 40 minutes in a Verizon Company Store yesterday in the St. Louis area.

My daughter got a new phone and my wife was supposed to return her old phone. But there were problems with the new phone so the store told us to hang on to the old one until they could work it out.

In the interim, they swept $580 out of my wife's checking account because the phone had not been returned. She has checks out on the account that will now be bouncing.... thanks Verizon.

We went to the store with the phone and the return box/label. They helped us talk with customer service (that is a joke) at Verizon. The store person canme up with a great idea. Credit back the money for the phone which will show up "past due" on the account until the phone arrived in two days..... great.

Of course only the treasury department could return the money and you cannot TALK to treasury, the head of the call center refuses to get on the phone either. What a joke.... one more time.... THE HEAD OF A VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER WILL NOT TALK ON THE PHONE TO HELP A CUSTOMER.

We were told all we could do was request a return of the money after the phone was returned the following week. Meanwhile, checks are bouncing.

I am putting together my plan to move my business from Verizon after almost 15 years as a loyal customer. Customer service was rude and unconcerned about my money and not interested in the situation or my bounced check; not one of them stepped up to work on my behalf or did anything except cite policy, chapter and verse. It was a horrible experience and I am done.

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I'm going through the same thing. Instead of Edging Up a line at $54.11, they Edged Out amother line and hut the bank account for $379.11.

Same thing, Treasury Dept had no phones, can't contact them at all, blah, blah, blah. 35 days and still have no refund! They did add $475 to one of my other lines. How nice was that?

I have been a customer for over 12 years and I'm getting our ASAP!


completely agree with anon. just send the phone back.

keep the tracking number, provide financial services with that number, your account is then placed on hold while treasury looks into the matter. if people had enough common sense things like this wouldn't happen.


this guy who works for verizon that keeps firing back at thse customers is a Rtard. he really must slobber on some verizon meat stick!


This is what *** me off. people like you sicken me.

First of all Verizon wireless has over 80 million wireless accounts with billions of phones. the treasury probably works of hundreds of accounts daily. how would they have time to talk to you. send them info they credit your account.

End of story. Second the head of the call center has a business to run. He or she can't be talking to customers who don't have enough common sense to send a phone back.

Who do you think you are GOD! How about being a responsible adult and stop blaming a company for your problems.

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