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My Company Alltell wireless was bought out by Verizon. Immediately the same day with the change over I dropped a multitude of calls just turning 360 degrees in my desk chair. I have continued to this very day dropping Calls.

Since October 2010 I began to have my voice mails become slow. it would take about 2 hours or more sometimes 3 days before I would receive my voice mail. I began returning calls from missed calls and they would say "per my voice mail" which I had not yet received. My wife sometimes receives HER voice mails up to a week latter... Customer care doesn't care and are highly ignorant. I guess this is an old fashion paradox.

Having very few dropped calls for the past 9 years with Alltell this highly agitated me. I was told that my system was different than there's and I needed to 'GET' THEIR Phone and of course that required a new contract and to match my contract was about $20 more per month and they would not release me from My contract...Could this be Extortion?

Now, I was told on 3 separate occasions that I could get a 714 number when I relocated back to California. So, I came back and was told I couldn't unless I Bought their phone with a new contract for $20. more per month.Is this a Lie since I asked on 3 separate occasions on purpose?

Now I am told by Vince (1-800-754-0961 ext:2038) that it would only take $30 or $35 to exit my contract BUT no body will let me exit my contract for under $200. (Another Extortion)

So I have not paid my phone and now it is suspended. Twice my phone was turned off before my bill was due. Customer Service has also told me "We are sure tired of You 'ALLTELL' people!!!"

So for *** Service, Dropped Calls, Voice Mails days late, Liars, Extortion and Thievery and employees who know nothing call Shyster Verizon Wireless the *** People. Thank You for NOT choosing Verizon

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sounds like they gave you the mcfisty! watch out t-mobile customers. im sure your @$$ pain is next

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