Went To Verizon for a phone for my Daughter who is in the Air Force. went overseas.

When the deal was done- we were under the impression that she would be paying $120 each month for phone services. shes been gone for a month now to germany, when she checked her bill online- the bill was for almost $600. the result was roaming fees which verizon never mentioned originally. knowing that an e-1 cant afford a $600 phone bill everymonth- it's going to be an addional $350 to cancel.

everyone is telling me to go to at&t. i should!

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I don't have issues with Verizon Wireless, and the one time I did the company fixed the problem.


when my sister in law was sent to germany they had to let her out of her contract and she went with a company there.


what makes anyone think that you can get a local or even national provider to serve you internationaly for $120 a month? I think you need to second guess anyone who offers you a deal like that, your provider will swith back and forth between several providers as you travel the world.

Not all of them will respect your price plan or even services as you jump into their service areas. When getting phone service you need to be as direct and informed as possible with the right person.


I have had Verizon for almost 6 years and I haven't had much of a problem with them, it may have been that a certain employee may nt have known all the facts about the service, maybe you should speak to the manager or someone with more experience then some teenager.

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