It's about Verizon Wireless and their newest scam. This is for consumers to be aware of before getting involved with Verizon.

Did you know that Verizon Wireless attempts to get their customers to pay for their business license? That's right! On one of my bills, burried under taxes and fees, is a fee to offset the cost of verizon's business license! This company is so greedy, that they can't even pay for their own license.

It gets passed on to the customer. Imagine what my customers would say if I handed them a bill for cleaning services and in addition to my charges was a fee to reimburse me for getting a business license! I think that goes beyond greedy. If people let them get away with that, the next thing that they will charge for is a fee for them making a profit.

Needless to say, I don't subscribe to that kind of business practice. I've had to let them go.

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I'm not defending Verizon but, if I had to guess they have to pay every locality they do business in a business tax - meaning the entire United States. My guess is that this came about because of government regulations.

In other words if you owned a business in anytown USA and sold widgets you'd expect to pay business taxes there.

You would not expect to pay taxes to every locality you sold a widget too. Verizon apparently does.

That's what there talking about when they say there's to much government regulation. I'd be trying to recoup those losses if it were my business.

Liberty, Missouri, United States #841012

@Mike... I see how you say its pocket change...

First off- I get charged $7.72 a month for THEIR business license!! $7.72 x 24 months x 2 lines ( they charge per line ) = $370.56 for THEIR license! I make very good money at my job and so does my husband but still that is a lot of money to fork over for something that isn't mine... I clip coupons and shop when there are deals but there is nothing wrong with that at all!!

I don't think they should have the right to charge me those kind of fees so that they can operate... I rather go with someone else who doesn't need to charge us *** fees so they can run their business!


Mike is right. A business expense is just that, a cost of doing business.

Consumers should not be charged for business licenses, etc...Most of these expenses are a tax deductible write off...sounds like they may have their greedy hands in more than one pot of money. Also, if this was a standard surcharge, then all consumers would have the same charge. I have 2 verizon accounts and only get charged the bus license surcharge on one account.

Doesn't make any sense to me. When my contract is up, I'm through with Verizon.


Verizon has been jacking me around for 4 1/2 years TOO LONG! I'm a mere landline customer-no choices for another provider!

I'm not a Customer, I'm a Consumer!

New little charges every month; now they're charging me a "late fee" for a balance already paid off! And retroactive charges from ?something in OCT. not on Oct. bill.


HATE you Verizon.

Way to buy the CPUC with all those little inexplicable charges marching down the columns of my bill (which didn't come at all, but heck, why believe me? They don't make mistakes-evah.


They're not pissed because it's pennies Mike. They're pissed because of where the pennies go and what the pennies pay for.

Are people who clip coupons worth just pennies considered cheap too? Maybe so, but the Sunday paper would be a whole lot thinner if everyone turned their noses up to saving a few pennies.

I've been with Verizon Wireless (as a customer) for over 5 years and I've seen all kinds of charges weasel onto my bill and those charges increase over the years. I've also seen the same thing on various cable companies' bills (Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, BrightHouse). Almost every company that deals with millions of customers throws some sort of fee or surcharge in the amount of pennies on their bills because they know that two cents times one million customers equals twenty thousand dollars ($.02x1,000,000=$20,000.00)

Since I'm in Virginia, there's a new "Local BUS Lic Surchg" (local business license surcharge) that has appeared on my bill. Virginia is charging Verizon to operate using a business license in the state. So, Verizon is making Virginia customers pay for their business license.

Of course, you don't see a Local BUS Lic Surchg on your McDonald's or grocery store receipts or even on other utilities. That's because those businesses, large or small, actually pay for their licenses with their own profits or simply charge more for their goods or services. What a novel idea!

What Verizon is doing is saying "Hey everyone, here's a wireless plan that is competitively priced compared to other major cellular phone companies." Then, right after you finish setting up your auto-pay you realize they've slapped you with a bill that's way more than you signed up for. "Guess what? Instead of $99.99, with all the fees and surcharges we don't advertise and overpriced features you have to have in order to use all of your phone's capabilities, you really owe us $157.77 a month and, if you don't like it, you'll have to pay us more than that to cancel your contract, but hey, on the bright side, you can now access America's largest soon to be outdated 3G network."

Is there any major cellular company out there that can cut the *** and give cellular phone consumers a flat rate that actually costs what they say it will? I think not, but what I do think is that it's not because it's pennies, it's because we weren't told we'd have to pay them!

@Mike: lol :grin

@SW: Get back to work at the soup kitchen. "All wireless providers charge these fees." The only greedy bastards are the customers of these providers that complain about pocket change.

to Mike #877588

Hey Mike. Explain to me why the cost for a Business License is $10.00 per $5000 in sales.

I am paying for more than $5000 in sales worth of business license, on a bill of less than $350/month.

If they are passing it along, why, oh why do they have to pass it on at a higher rate than they are charged? At the rate for the city license fee, I should owe $0.70, not $10.08

Caldes De Montbui, Catalonia, Spain #167792
Mike get back to work at the Verizon call center. This person is right.

You can't make consumer pay for your business expenses that has nothing to do with the product/service they've purchased.

Verizon is a bunch of greedy bastards! :(

Quit your complaining you cheap fool. It is a surcharge and is part of your contract.

All wireless providers charge these fees. People like you should not be allowed to speak (or type) without approval from someone with a higher IQ.

to Mike Poquoson, Virginia, United States #699848

Seems like pennies but it is applied to all 4 of my lines. Adds up to more than pennies! And yes, I clip coupons!!!

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