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In December I purchased two Droid cellphones at the Verizon store in Kalamazoo,MI with the lure of a $200.00 Rebate. I spent over $500.00 on this.

I Mailed the Rebate in on February 14. I received a post card today to notified me that my rebate will not be honored due to fact there was a missing label When I explained to the tenth person I had talked with, that the label had been enclosed in the envelope send, She simply stated: We don't have it.

your rebate will not be sent. How ever if you find it resubmit.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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That's why your told to keep copies of everything you mail in. Your fault not Verizon's.

YEAH, maybe they lost it but if you had your copy NO PROBLEM. Take the blame and quit blaming someone else!

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