My fiance recently went into the Verizon Wireless store in Salisbury, NC to replace a phone her daughter had dropped in the water. She thought that she was purchasing ONLY a very basic cell phone for approximately $89.

She left the store satisified that this was a good price.

When our bill arrived, we noticed that a new line (and additional charges) were added to our bill on the same day. When I went into the store for an explanation, I was told that when you don't qualify for an upgrade or replacement they often add a "phantom" phone line. This was not explained to us and has resulted in an additional monthly charge of $30!

They will remove the line, but they want to charge us $160!!!

Has anybody else experienced this type of thing? If so, I'm organizing a complaint to send to the attorney general of NC and I'd like to hear your stories.

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If there was a line added, there was also a contract that was signed for it... they can;t just add a line and not tell you.


Same exact problem here in Little Rock. It's either pay full price for the phone or pay $10 extra monthly for a extra line that doesn't exist.

Thats $1500 extra over ten years. I said screw that! I'm willing to pay $249 and extend my contract, but I'm not paying for

a ghost phone. I've been with Alltel/Verizon for 12yrs.

I called corporate and got the same BS.

I'm thinking about calling the state AG's office myself. They get you up a flag pole with no way to get down.


Well said. It's called full disclosure


I assume your "fiance" is really your live-in girlfriend and you two are living together outside the bounds of marriage and in order to appear respectable, you call her your "fiance."

Whatever makes you happy, I guess, but the bottom line is that you probably made a good choice to just shack up with her instead of marrying her---she apparently was not paying attention while at the Verizon store or does not understand the English language. Verizon ALWAYS explains what they are setting up and the applicable charges. You snooze, you lose.

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