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Just found this site and I'm writing this to tell you of my experience with Verizon Wireless back in late May, 2011 - so that others don't fall into the same situation if you need to use the "warranty". Although their prices are quite high, my dissatisfaction relates primarily to the way phone hardware problems are handled. A company should stand behind their devices.

I opened my 5 month old flip phone and the top half popped out of the hinge area. It still worked fine. I called customer service and they advised not to try to fix it myself (pop it back in) because it would be deemed "user damage" (he told me that his call just prior to mine was for the same reason). I sent it back and was sent a factory refurbished replacement. I then received an email stating that I have been charged $ 99 for the replacement "refurbished" phone due to "user damage".

I spoke with three customer service reps who were "very sorry" for my problem. I was told that I CAN NOT return the refurbished replacement for a $99 (or any other) credit and reactivate my older phone that worked fine prior to my upgrade only 5 months ago. The one I sent in can't be returned to me. I was told to use their trade in site to get some $$ back (a coupon for sending your old phone in to use towards another) so that I can buy a better quality phone.

Using their trade in site, I was told that my replacement (5 month old model) has " 0 " value! I then tried to find what the cost would be to upgrade to a different phone. I found that I am free to purchase a new one at full retail pricing.

Be very careful with your hardware. Unless it doesn't power on at all, try to fix it yourself before sending it in because chances are, it will be the result of "user damage". Other than the hinge, my phone was flawless in appearance - looked brand new and was only 5 months old. The plastic wrap was still on it! Their service reps are polite. But, heads up. For any reason other than the device not powering up at all or a bad battery, don't look for a warranty or responsibility for the device you purchased.

The device I sent back? Will probably be popped back in and sent out for another $ 99.

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Spokane, Washington, United States #943086

These are not Verizon's devices. Verizon/AT&T and other wireless companies process warranty claims as a courtesy to the phone manufacturers.

It is by their policies that phone companies abide. If you have an issue with warranty policies, gripe to the manufacturers. And BUY INSURANCE. Why people don't pay to insure these expensive devices is beyond my understanding.

If $99 is too much for you to fork over or the price of a new device is more than you want to pay, then insure it.


what a joke verizaon is, i had the same kind of situation. I had a problem with my droid razor maxx,the screen would go black! if i did a factory reset it would work!Well a week after i sent the phone back verizaon sent me a disturbing email. Verizon tried saying the screen was damaged and i was responsible for 299.99 FOR A REMAN YES A REMAN RAZOR MAXX(what a joke) so i asked for my phone back i would let motorola take care of the issue, then i stated i would also see them in court for my damaged phone!!

i cant tell u how many so called managers i spoke with and of course no operator or id was given they stated they dont have one,so now i have a bunch of first names of who i delt with.

Venola,jennifer,patrick,kenyepta and jill all out of the georgia office!!! for the love of god dont talk to them!!!! they are worthless!!!!


San Diego, California, United States #670519

In February of 2013, I was notified of an IPhone 4S that was not returned to the warranty department, however, I kept the original tracking number to confirm the shipment had been received. They had promptly credited my account.

Crisis averted. Immediately the following bill-cycle, another phone charge was added to my March-April bill. I called back believing the charge was the original charge from previous month's fiasco. I was wrong.

Apparently, this was a phone replacement back in January that was shipped back with an empty box... Are you *** serious? The post office weighed my *** and it was nearly 1lb. Believing that this device had reached its destination months and months ago, I had discarded the tracking number.

They had no mercy on me, painted a picture of a derelict in my account notes, and made me feel as if though I was scamming Verizon.

This company doesn't offer relief, no! Instead, they recite policies, rhetoric, how they are "sorry", and how "this was unfortunate." *** you and your sympathies.

Slidell, Louisiana, United States #665116

Same thing, my sons new I phone worked fine except the earpiece wouldn't work, but he could put the phone on speaker or use a headset to use it. He brought the phone to Verizon and they said it was a warranty issue and would be replaced at no charge.

Then I received a bill for $299 for water damage in the plug area for the charger.

I've talked to 4 reps and got the company line and bs. No recourse, so I'm going to cancel my account (3 phones) pay the early disconnect and never give those thieves another dime


Stay away from Verizon! They are running this phone scam where they tell you that it is free and there will be no charge, then they bait and switch you. You will get a bill for $300 for the defective phone they sold you.

With me we had an express contract (verbal contract) that we entered into to get my phone replaced for no cost. I had a different phone that I was going to use if there was a cost. They guarenteed me that the phone was under warranty and there would be no cost to me. I got a phone in the mail from them and sent my phone back. 3 months later I get a bill for $300 for the phone. I told them that I had another phone I would use and they could just send my old one back so I could use that battery. They said "Sorry there is no returns."

Your only recourse is to go into expensive arbitration, so they expect that you will just pay the $300. I have a clear case of fraud and broken contractual agreement. However, is it really worth the pain of going through arbitration?


Going thru almost same pro lem. Sent in my 6month old phone cause wouldnt charge know its a "user damage" sent refurbished phone and tacked on 299.00 bill.

*** new phone didnt cost that much. They will *** charge if i send them bak only phone i have and not send me my other phone back!

Thats stealing!!! Still nattling it out.....

to mee too 3 #738083

Same thing here but they said mine had a damaged screen even though no damage to screen before i sent it back. They stated i can buy a new phone with my upgrade, but wait i bought the other phone with my upgrade less than a year ago.

Ohh yea they stated my phone was gone one manager said they are using the parts for other reman phones!!!! this is THEFT BY DECEPTION



I just had almost the same exact thing happen. Be careful, apparently the can charge your account for whatever they like without disclosing this in advance.

After owning (and renewing a 2 year contract) a phone of 1 month, it broke.

The upsetting part is how it was handled by Verizon. They offer me a replacement phone on one condition, that I mail the old phone to them.

They then billed me for $99. This is just flat out WRONG!

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