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I have been a verizon wireless customer for 7 years. I have been checking my bill for the last 13 months or so.

Each month there are data charges and megabite charges on 3 or 4 of my 5 phones. This month they are saying I sent 3 pictures, funny thing I do not even have a clue how to do that! I was having trouble with my LG phone for 7 months, it would not send without applying great pressure on the send botton. My dear wife purchased a new phone for me as a Christmas present.

I was so happy---I had a full charge so I left my charger at home and after 3 calls phone was dead. Truck driver on the road with dead phone. I returned home to get charger and guess what the charger would not charge phone, the house phone would not charge either, so we returned phone on 27th and I went back to my old phone. My daughter had been having trouble with her LG phone as well and they gave her a new one(we got the phones on the same day) which I had not been able to get for 7 months but now I could.

This company has a different story every day. Now back to phone and padded bill. I get my bill for Jan. and now I have insurance bill for old LG and they say they can not give me credit for the charges.

They tell me to call the store. We call store and get an employee who was real upbeat untill we tell them about the "problem" then they are swamped at around 5 o'clock on a Thursday. They will call us back and so far no call--what a suprise. My best estimate is over the last 7 years this company has billed me for in excess of 2000 dollars in bogus charges and putting services onto our bill that we did not order.

I recommend that you check every line item and get to the real bill you should owe. On our lines they add "data" charge of 1.99 to 3 of our 5 lines over and over again we call and get credit!!! They add long distance charges when my plan is nationwide??

Last month we received $ 24.90 in credits. If you do that over 7 years that is a total of $ 2,091.60.

This is not an error this is a Verizon practice.

I would like to get a class action against them or the US Attorney General on this. Jimmy email

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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It seems that every 4-5 months Verizon really messes up my bill. We have Verizon, land-line (1), Verizon Wireless (4 cells) & Internet.

Last May wireless over-billed $85.10, this month (Sept.) they over-billed 103.70. Each time they want me to pay the bill they sent with the over charges and they will credit me the next bill.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that this is a crime - they know that they over-billed and they want me to pay it and then credit me the next month. You could call it a loan which I don't want to loan them money, or you could call it robbery.

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