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Verizon Wireless overcharges and lies on their notes in order to get money from customers and extend their contracts. I have been a long-time (approximately 10 years) customer of Verizon Wirelss and have had constant problems.

Their customer service people lie to you on the phone and write something different on their notes. Recently, I found out my contract was extended without my authorization. I called Verizon to tell them about the error, and they insisted my phone contract was extended until July 2010 when I actually have not bought equipment from them nor upgraded my services. Another situation was when I cancelled my broadband internet service last month 9/10 one day after the billing period cut off, and I was told by the customer service person that I would not get billed the whole month but just for one day (pro-rated), and this was a lie.

I was billed the whole month anyway, and I called and got a whole bunch of lies from the customer service person, as well as from a supervisor. So no matter what you are told one day, it can change when you call back to ask about it. There's no winning with Verizon, and it's not about winning, but the customer is never right. They are always right.

That's a lousy way to do business. It seems that Verizon needs free money from customers because they lie. A lot of times they don't have proof for anything of anything except for notes that they themselves can write at any time and then tell you that you agreed to that.

It's a mess.

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Just tryint to talk to customer service is a pain....on hold forever! Then the things they were supposed to credit to your account they didn't. You have to fight for everything you get!!!


Purchased a phone online from a reputable seller. The ESN was advertised as good and could be reactivated.

Well *** me took it to a retail (franchise) store to have them activate it for me. The Verizon agent comes back with the phone and says that the phone cannot be reactivated because the ESN is bad meaning that it has been reported as lost/stolen or has an unpaid balance from the previous owner. Well, I called Verizon right there in the store and inquired about the status of the ESN and if they would be able to reactivate. They took the ESN number and the phone was activated in less than 5 minutes.

The agent looked nervous because he had just deliberately lied to me to get me to buy a new phone from them. Folks, Verizon and Sprint retail stores DO NOT make a cent by activating phones. They only make money when they sell a phone or service. With the Verizon agent on the phone with me I asked to speak to the store manager who was not there (conveniently).

Verizon spoke to the agent at the store and apparently got a stern talking to and was told that what they had done was a violation of their franchise agreement and have noted on their account (I guess for future complaints to establish a trail of lies and deceit. The store clerk then lies again telling me that he must have entered the number incorrect when trying to activate. Yeah, right! Lesson learned: DON'T TAKE YOUR PHONE TO BE ACTIVATED AT A RETAIL STORE.


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People hear this and hear it clear! It is not Verizon as a whole that you have,or had a problem with it is that individual who you talked too,or who serviced you that you had a problem with eg;If you go to your favorite store and the sales clerk is a ***!

the owner/ceo of the company don't know that you are unhappy unless he/she is told this.And yes I know that you can say they need to hire better people but the only true way to know for sure if people are good or bad at a job is to hire them! That beening said it is always better to go to the RETAIL STORE because you will have a real person who works and live in the same state as you and who will work as an internal advocate working on your behalf on any problems or issues you may have.


I was a loyal Verizon customer for 6 years, but went with another provider at the end of my contract. I was told there would be no term fees since it was the end of my contract.

I paid my last invoice and went on with my life, never thinking about them again...until recently. I was getting my credit report off the internet to pay some old medical bills, and saw an outstanding balance of almost $300 from Verizon. I called to inquire as to what they were from, and all i was told is that they were fees associated with terminating my service. I tried to argue, stating that I never even received an invoice for the fees, and was told they would look into it...

no one has bothered to call me back.

I must say, Verizon left a very bad taste in my mouth.


You are right!!! And let me bet...They said it's because the systems don’t recognize the one day of proration!?!

They think they are above the law. Contact your states attorney because you are not the only one they have done that to.

It happens on a daily basis and it needs to be addressed in a court of law! Ignorance will be Verizon’s downfall…just wait and see…their time will come!!!

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