I am so frustrated with Verizon Wireless's NEW policy as of January that requires data plans with all multi-feature phones. We recently went to replace a phone that was ruined (that had been purchased in December). We wanted an exact replacement phone, no change and were told that because of this new policy - we were now required to add the $9.99 per month data plan to have the exact same phone. (The first time I called corporate I was told I could get a certified pre-owned phone and not have to have the data plan - but am now being told that their employee told me wrong.)

I have 5 phones with them and none of them use data but now if any of them break or come up for renewal - I AM REQUIRED to add this new data feature at $9.99 per phone. They say it's because 85% of their customers were calling to complain about paying too much for their data usage. That's my problem how?

My point is - I am in the population that doesn't use my phone for websurfing but am being given no choice. I have been with them for 20 years. Time to look elsewhere for my cell phone service. I have written to their corporate office and expect that I will be told yet a different story line - as has been the case each time I have spoken with someone.

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verizon wireless does not care what you think! what are thinking that just because you pay your bill and are nice to the rude employees that you get treated well?

well come down from your high horse and join the rest of us that bend over and get kicked in the rump everymonth.

accpept your phone for the 6 months that it may or may not have adiquate service. your an ant in their eyes!


If you want a phone to just talk and maybe text and you dont "surf and do all that kind of stuff".....then go buy a camera with a better resolution then 1.3 or get an ipod if you want to listen to music. Because your going to get a phone with a keyboard, keypad, speaker and a dinky rinky camera without a data package and the fcc has nothing to do with it, supply and demand does.

Also if you want a smart phone bc it looks nice Mr.

Joe and you dont want the web service of 29.99 then go get a "gucci" bag and be done with it bc that type of phone serves no purpose without web services. Just as me typing this comment informing you guys that Verizon has plenty of phones that you can use without a data package serves no purpose, bc in the end you will feel entitled to everything you do not want to pay for.


I for one submitted a BBB complaint about this as I have an existing 3G multi-media phone with no contract. Verizon refuses to allow me to change my hand set and grandfather my status due to my existing handset.

Being slammed to a service just so you can get a camera phone better than their bottom of the barrel 1.3 mega pixel on all their normal phones, or being able to listen to music should not construes a $10 monthly fee for the privilege of using one of their phones.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to follow the steps needed to instate change in a company. (I.E the BBB and the FTC) it seems that is the only way a business will listen is by force.


"I have been with them for 20 years. Time to look elsewhere for my cell phone service." Unless you get a local carrier, you'll be doing the exact same thing.

I agree for the most part that having multimedia phones that require a $9.99 plan is silly. No one buys an enV touch for websurfing.

On the other hand, most smartphones have a data requirement because they NEED data. For example, if a blackberry doesn't have data, it'll keep trying to make data requests from the tower, and can do it enough to actually damage the tower itself. That's just the way it was made (and mind you, it wasn't made by VZW)

In the end, they're not picking on you, they're not treating you differently than anyone else. This is an industry-wide standard, not just VZW, and it's been this way for over two years. It's not going to change, and its going to be the same wherever you take your unrealistic expectations.

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