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I have been a customer of verizon for many, many years. I have 5 lines, already paying $160 per month, x that by 10 years and it is $19,200.

Now they force a data plan on you that I do not want or need in order to have the phone you want. Sorry to say, i'm looking elsewhere for my cell service.

Come on verizon, have you not already made enough money from me that you need to force unwanted services on us. My main question for verizon is why do I have to pay data if I plan on not using data?

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Smart phones work just fine without a data plan it's a big ripoff!!


choose a phone that doesn't require data...or go to at&t instead of $30 bucks mandatory it's only $15


People that have an issue with the data packages don't realize the cost associated with the phones they want. They want a touch screen full keyboard phone for the same price as the basic non touch screen phone.

Wonderful. Well, in order still remain a profitable business (because Verizon is not nonprofit, remember?) you get to pay for the phone...

through a data package over the course of 2 years. Simple math, get it?


yup everyone has a data plans. Verizon soon will stop offering unlimited data. Unless you are going for a non touch screen basic phone data will be required


Totally agree!!

Ash Fork, Arizona, United States #181549

Look elsewhere. Look good and hard, then realize that EVERY carrier charges extra for data. Why? Because if you want more, you pay more. That's how the business world works. Shocking and unfair, I know, but let me break it down for you:

Verizon: 29.99 unlimited data/line

T-Mobile: 30.00 unlimited data/line

Sprint: Well, they don't do separate data on each line. So you'll have to get a PLAN that has unlimited data, and for your 5 lines, you're looking at $190/mo at the lowest

Oh, and AT&T? Yeah, you can't even get unlimited data with them. You'll be looking at $25.00 for 2gigs(remember how T-mobile and VZW are 30 for unlimited?) Oh, but if you go over 2gigs, you can get another gig... for $10 more for each gig you go over.

So really, data plans are what go on data phones. It's not an unwanted service, it's what the phone uses. If you want to drive a minivan, don't buy a semi.

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