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I was with verizon wireless sinse they were bell atlantic. never late paying a bill. I had three cell phones and a wireless computor modem.

After losing my cell signal, verizon sent tec out to my area and tested for signal. Other customers in my area was having same problem. So verizon classified my area a "non-resolution area," and told me I could turn my three cell phones off and not be charged a early termination fee.

I terminated my service and was told by verizon I would receive a $142.00 refund for paying one month in advance for three phones. I was sent a bill for $269.00 from verizon. No one from verizon could explain the bill when I called. After several calls to various verizon supervisors, I was told by a supervisor she would review bill and try to figure out the various charges being billed. She couldn't explain the details of bill invoice.

I went ahead and paid the $265.00 bill to keep my credit in good shape. Finally a verizon manager, "Nelson White" Ph.#256-213-3800 Ext. 1057 called and said I was overcharged and would be sent a check for $72.95, to which I responded "It should be twice that, but I will take what they sent."

That was in early July, 2010. I have never received a dime. I called Mr. White but he only said "it will take 6 to 10 weeks. Well that came and went and I gave up, which is what companies like Verizon want us to do. I will never have ANYTHING to do with Verizon again. They are theives!!

James B. Jacques

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July to time of post is approx. 8 weeks...

There for it hadnt been 10 weeks yet. Question is, does this person remember write this and there has been no update!

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