You have no idea what you are talking about. VZW is the best cellular company in the world.

People always complain about 'ohh my bill is so high".. Stay within your price plan allowance and you dont have to worry about that. Check your minutes and your text message usage and see where you stand.. Why blame the carrier if YOU ARE THE IRRESPONSIBLE ONE..

And then theres 'oooh i know my child didnt send 10000 text messages, you made a mistake, my sons a good boy'.. VZW is not your babysitter..

Then theres the people ' oooh im gonna go to cricket..' go to cricket, get no service, i dont care.. VZW is absolutley the best carrier in the world

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ATT is the best you can save on your roll over minutes. Also if you have a unlimited text message plan.

the internet is ten dollars a month only on non smart phones.

you pay 30.00 per. month up to five lines


ATT is the best. Verizon water down phones.

Also your bill is never stable.

They are so *** to turn down iphone and google phone. what up with the cheap lg phones and the 50 dollars blackberry storm is the company in trouble.


I disagree.I do not have kids and have had nothing but problems with Verizon since they took over Alltel something that I never had happen in my many years with ALLTEL.I will lose my drawers on my termination fee, but they will get my last dime due to poor reception after they took over and a $1000 plus billing error it took forever to get fixed after I had to call the State DA's office.

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