Been a customer for lots of years. Aug 2010 they sold me an LG Ally Droid phne w/2 yr contract.

Fast Forward...phone does not charge and is virtually unuseable 18 months later. Verzson will not do ANYTHING to assist me---even as a long time, excellent paying customer, in getting me to the point where I have a phone that can be charged, unless I want to pay full price for another dud ($180.00). I am extremely angry about this and will in fact sever my business relationship with these scalawags as soon as financially feasible.

In the meantime I guess I am stuck paying some $70/mo for a service I cannot even use. The personnel at the store I visited were pimply faced kids---jerks---rude---nasty---exactly yhe types of personnel who drive excellent customers such as myself away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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Again, people. Cell phones companies are businesses.

Read the bill. Read the contract.

Read the warranty. Remember a cell phone is not a necessity.


Lol, your phone broke. What is the company supposed to do?

Be your mom and give you a new phone? And so what if you pay for service for years, that doesn't entitle you to anything. They give you something, you give them something.

Business. There are other customers who will take your place saying the same thing about the carrier they are leaving.

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