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Be VERY VERY careful before you sign up with Verizon Wireless. Their customer service is TERRIBLE and if you should have the audacity to try to discontinue their service,Verizon responds with threats of MASSIVE EARLY TERMINATION FEES.

There are many good carriers out there. Why go with one that uses strong arm tactics to try to keep its customers?

Although Verizon Wireless has ok coverage, you will be financially killed if you end up roaming. I had a bill for over $500 after a two day trip to Vancouver where I used internet raoming.


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Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #667042

You people are soooo"Sick"I have had "Verizon Wireless"For about 10yrs. Or more,And i have never had a problem with "Verizon Wireless".Whenever you terminate a contract reguardless of what wireless telephone company it my be,You will alway's have a termination fee.You pay for what you use,If you have roaming fee's,Sure your bill will be expensive any "RESPONSIBLE PERSON KNOWS THIS".Why?Would you feel like you do not have to pay these charge's.You are not "SPECIAL" to Verizon Wireless or Anyone else.It does not matter who you transfer to,Your problem will remain the same,Because you do not want to "PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET"To sum this up,You are a "***"For Real."I would say that "Verizon Wireless Cannot Wait Till You Leave.


I have my cell phone, home phone, email and internet with Verizon. What was offered to me at my door, was NEVER what I received and although I had things in writing from the salesman, Verizon couldn't care less and never honored it.

I have had nothing but increases in my bill regularly until the charges are outrageous. Every month they send me an "important notice about your services". This is nothing but a sales pitch for their cable that I do not want. This has gone on for over a year.

Then they started calling me every day to sell me cable. Each time I politely told them I was not interested and please don't call again. Did that stop them? NO!

They called back every day for a week. Finally I told them I was going to report them to the FCC for violating the "Do Not Call List". Seconds later, their number mysteriously disappeared from my caller ID! But that's not all!

Then came the calls and emails asking if I'd like to pay MORE for "faster internet". My internet speed had been just fine. When I told them NO, suddenly my internet won't connect, webpages won't come up, speed is horrible.

This is nothing short of a Mafia tactic "give us your money or else!" How they get away with this is beyond me! :(


You got *** right verizon *** sucks- I'm fighting for the *** country they live in- I try to change my minutes and set my bill to have my wifes as the primary line so I can put myne on hold to save us money while on deployment and they claim they cant do all of the changes for 3 months. Verzion wireless is *** RAPING Americans of our money.

Terlizzi, Puglia, Italy #227075

I was a Verizon Wireless customer for 14 years. When moving out of state (and luckily taking my job with me), I was working from my friend's home who had no long distance and I was the phone 8 hours a day.

Until my new home was ready and not having long distance access, I called Verizon to change my 200 minute plan to unlimited for $199 per month, which the agent said she would immediate accomodate me. After the first $500+ bill, I called again and they apologized and would fix the problem and put me on the new plan. Another month and another $500 bill!!!!. I REFUSED to pay them.

They then cut off my phone, my son's phone and my elderly mom's phone for a whopping $575 FEE. I will only give them $199 X 2 months +taxes and I'll never use them again. They are thieves who do not train their staff very well.

After 14 yeras this is how I was treated. They should be ashamed of themselves


You traveled internationally and got international roaming charges... on data...

and you expected it to be cheap? Did you research anything before you left or did you expect Verizon to wipe your butt for you?

Seriously... you thinks international cell service is cheap?

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