One Sunday evening I made phone calls and used Internet services provided by Verizon Wireless. On the following Monday morning I awoke to find that all services had been disconnected. I tried to make a phone call but it was intercepted and routed to Verizon Financial Department. I explained the interrupted service to the technician who stated that I owed $293.00 and that service would be reconnected if I made a payment of $150.00. I reviewed my checkbook register and found that I had not missed any payments. The only response that I could get from the tech was that "we bill a month in advance". After sparring for several minutes I gave up and drove to a Verizon Store.

I explained my situation to the customer service clerk who could only repeat the same response and added, "you missed a payment". I provided the most recent copy of their billing statement showing that the billing detachment had been removed. I also provided a copy of the check receipt showing payment to Verizon with the amount corresponding to the billing statement. The clerk simply stated, "we haven't received any payment". I responded that I did my part in submitting payment and that I was not at fault. Didn't matter. I was told that service would not be restored until payment was made.

I inquired about Verizon's shoot first and ask questions later policy. I stated that if service had not been impudently disconnected I could have solved the problem with a couple of phone calls or perhaps an email, which couldn't be made because my service had been discontinued without notice. The clerk's automated apathetic response, "you missed a payment". I abandoned any hope of conveying my plight and submitted a personal check for the "missed" payment and the current payment, which was not yet passed the due date. I then drove to my bank and paid $30.00 to place a stop on the check that was written on time but for whatever reason was not received by Verizon.

I will not submit payment to cancel my contract with Verizon but rest assured that when the contract has expired it will not be renewed.

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people...just pay your bills and your service won't disconnect. If you can't pay on time ask for there financial service department they will set you up with payment arrangements.

. . as far as the lost check....it happens..pay online or over the phone.

It is easy and you don't have to worry about the lost check scenario. They are a company that runs because customers pay them..what do you expect?!


Lucky me, I made a payment last night for the entire amount due, and I awake to find all my phones turned off. Yes, I get to waste my morning deal with Verizon Financial Services...how fun!


@odd but true: What kind of *** doesn't pay their bill for 10 months?!?! ***.


apparently I have had fios internet for 11 months without making a payment. so my current bills is over $500, this is for internet only.

they just disconnected my service this morning. what company allows someone to miss 10 months and counting.


You are so ***. First, it is your responsibility to make sure that your bill is paid by the due date, not Verizon's.

Second, you should have first checked to see if the check was cashed before going to the store. Ever heard of something getting lost in the mail? Yes, that still happens.

None of this is Verizon's fault. You are a ***.


I forgot to add: they disconnected my phone literally 20 minutes after i received a text letting me know my bill is available for online viewing and my bill won't arrive in the mail for about 4-6 more days and is not due until the end of the month.


I was also disconnected without notice. My bill is usally $200/month and because I apparently had $20 that I didn't pay, they disconnected my service and charged a late fee of $5 + $15 reconnect fee. What was the point of them adding it to my next bill if they're just going to disconnect it 4 days later?

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