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Never call the customer service number. They know you have no idea who you are speaking with and they refuse to give you a last name.

So there is no consequences for what they do or don't do. I had a problem with the service. So I called the number 5 times. Each time the rep stated they would find an answer and get back with me.

To this date, not one person has called me back. Its been two months now and still nothing. So I decided to go into the store and they got the problem resolved. Not sure why they have a customer service considering they are not keeping track of what they are doing.

I am sure the customer service is sub-contracted so the store will get the answer for you whereas customer service is just there to answer the phone. Then they will feed you a bunch of lies. I liked Verizon but changed to ATT because of the poor customer service related to Verizon. I just don't like being lied to I guess.

Verizon may be a little better with coverage but I am a people person. You can only do so much with the coverage.

You can do a lot with customer service.

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