I so tired of the customer service at Verizon. I wanted to add a line to my family plan.

Easy as told by several agents. It was an existing Verizon line and everytime I would be put on hold or transferred to their assumption of liability (and I completed this), I would be dropped or end up in a never ending ***. Called back to ask for a supervisor and they would not let me talk to a supervisor.

With over two hours of on-hold, recalling and total frustration for a simple task of adding a phone line to my plan. Verizon is definitely not customer friendly company.

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Is there any way that you couls help me in finding a ops. manual for a Motorola ST7868 Phone..Steve


This just seems outlandish...Two hours on hold!? Theres a direct number for assumption of liability that would be provided, plus those calls aren't blind transferred like that...


you were prob an *** when you called in and we dont like that.

Crowley, Texas, United States #120575

I so tired of your bad grammar.

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