Verizon Wireless misstated their "internet service", charged me over $6K for 1.5 MONTHS of service saying that they would "credit me", then turned my account over to collections. I went from them to Alltel and now they have bought them.

I hate them and guess now I'll just have to go back to AT&T. Verizon service left me on hold for over 3 HOURS and then cut me off. I HATE THEM!!

They have the worst customer service, are unavailable, lie about everything, and charge unbelievable rates for lousy service. Someone should investigate their criminal business practices.

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Verizon is the most crooked company I have ever dealt with. They stole money from my checking account I did owe the debt but my mother was paying the bill with her checking account.

Long story short they caused me to bounce checks everywhere.

I hate this company they wouldn't even listen to the phone call. I am taking them to small claims court.


I dealt with Verizon Wirelass for 4 years and yes, they are a bunch of.crooks! I will never recommend Verizon to anyone.

I'm now a Sprint customer and have been since Aug 2011. I'm very pleased with their service.


They are unethical and try to bill you for items that were never ordered. They hope you will not notice and if you do it takes several hours to get resolved. Their CS really is horrid and I now slam them any chance I get.


It is NOW my life's job to make VERIZON know they will pay and I will divert every person I know to ANY other cell phone carrier. I DO know alot of people....


You people are nothing but whiny little babies! Grow the *** up and maybe if you actually read your bill correctly then you wouldn't have a $5.00 late fee.

***! And for everyone else... you obviously are retarded not to understand that verizon is the best and will forever be the best! Once LTE rolls out you can say goodbye to every other wireless company.

Sprint and T-Mobile are nothing but a joke! The only reason why At&t is still in business is because of that *** iPhone! (which mind you, is a lemon and now has a class action lawsuit against it). So for all you idiots that talk *** about Verizon go ahead..

cancel your service...

you'll go running back in no time! :grin


I totally agree with the comment about former Alltel Wireless Customers. Verizon will steal from you every chance they see an opportunity.

My daughter was told to turn in her disfunctional phone at a local store and get a new. Trouble was, the manager there stole the phone. We didn't know about it until the bill came the next month with a 219.99. I called and was told that I had to contact the local store.

It took seven months to resolve, a FCC complaint, reconnection charges and credits, letters to the Executive Relations Dept(that's a joke in itself)plenty of lies from the Customer Service Staff and a settlement from me to accept the final 50.00 as a write off. I'll be glad to join anyone that wants to seek legal representation.


I am writing to enlist the support of former Alltel Wireless Customers who are now being abused by Verizon. After the buyout we were supposed to be treated like any other Verizon customer.

This is not happening and from the looks of it never will. I have filed a formal complaint with the FCC and today received a call from Verizon telling me that they deny my complaint has any validity and nothing will change. What needs to happen is for those of us who were former Alltel customers to band together and maybe we can get some legal representation to take this case forward. Maybe even take it to Federal District Court.

I thought I would try this medium first to see if there was any serious interest. Time will tell I suppose.


all cell phone companies are the same...as a whole verizon wireless has the best customer services. There are jerks everywhere, but at least you can get service anywhere with Verizon too! (unlike anyone else)


in my last months bill i misread. so i was 47 cents short for which they charged me 5 dollars as a late fee....what a rip


Verizon Wireless....your company is nothing but a crooked monopoly. You cannot continue to rip off the American consumer forever....eventually someone or even the government will bring you down.


Are you sure you want to go back to AT&T? They just screwed me over in the complaint i posted, jerks....


I am a teacher and decided to sign a two year contract with Verizon, because I am "supposed" to get a discount. My monthly service is usually around forty dollars, but this month I recieved a huge surprise!!!

I was out of town, and did not pay my bill for July. i said I wouldn't worry about the late fee, I would pay all of the bill at the end of July. The bill came to my house on July 30. I almost passed out!!

My bill for missing one payment is $156.57. I immediately called the company. The representative tried to explain that I had exceeded my monthly minutes, which I know is not true, because I recieved a text message on July fifteenth stating that I was about to exceed my minutes, so I turned my phone off for two days. I was told my new minutes would be applied on the sixteenth of every month.

All of a sudden the rep told me my new minutes are applied on the twenty-first of each month. Regardless, I cannot understand how my monthly bill can go from $40 to almost $160. Companies like Verizon are the reasons why the U.S. is in the shape it is in now.

The "fat cats" like the car companies and Verizon don't care how they treat us consumers as long as they make a quick buck. Then, when people like myself decide life goes on even without them, they try to get us back by being respectful and curtious. I don't know about anyone else but a cell phone is something I can live without.

When my plan is completed I will purchase my own phone and get a pay as you go service. I do not like being used.


Verizon is the worst among all the wireless phone carriers. I have to chuckle every time I see their "Best in Customer Service" 3 years running.

Pathetic loosers. I hope that company goes down in flames.

Peru, Nebraska, United States #61136

I couldn't agree more. I had a 2 year contract with Verizon so I went in 1 month prior to terminate the contract.

"This will cost you $60 to terminate" "But there is only a month left -- don't you prorate the early termination fee", I asked. "Well, yes", he said, "But minimum $50 fee." I waited to the anniv date and cancelled.

They seemed irritated that they could not charge me something to disconnect. Cell contracts are the biggest ripoff in the universe.

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