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In December my husbands job transferred us to a town in Texas where Verizon Wireless does not offer service. I ended up having to cancel our cell phone service because I was not going to pay for a service that I could not use.

I called Verizon Wireless and informed them that we had moved and asking them what my options were and the lady said we would have to pay the ETF's no if ands or buts, so I proceeded to ask her if there was another way to go about getting out of the ETF's that I had heard if they went up on any of their charges that was an option to get out if I did not agree and she argued that the charges they were increasing were not material adverse charges and that moving to an area where they do not have coverage is not an option of getting out of ETF's. I called back last week and the guy told me he would talk to his supervisor and call me back on Saturday afternoon around 2pm, never called. Now it is Wednesday the following week and my bill is due in a few days and I do not want to pay the ETF's as I feel it is not fair that I should have to pay for a service I can not use!

I will be calling them back tonight to see if I can get anywhere once again. SOO Frustrating!!!!

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the only time the ETFs are wavied for moving where there is no service is for military personnel. All of this is in the contract u signed. Read the fine print.

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