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So far no solution!!

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Copy of letter sent to Verizon Wireless.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Verizon Wireless

777 Big Timber Rd

Elgin Il 60123


Dear Evelyn,

Thanks for your recent correspondence regarding the charges in dispute. As you know your firm and I have add numerous contacts about this problem. Let me go thru the entire situation and time line as I have not done this on paper before.

On January 7,2011 thru January 14,2011 I was on a cruise ship departing from Ft Lauderdale, Fl to the Caribbean and return. I had my computer and your wireless card with me on this cruise. I did use the computer on the cruise to check my investments but for a limited amount of time, as I considered it very expensive, thru the ship's wi-fi service not thru verizion. However the card remained plugged into the computer and as far as I can tell this is the problem(My Bad). Before writing this letter I checked thru all my email messages and did not find any record of an alert for over usage and I for sure did not receive it while on the cruise or I certainly would not have continued to use it to the tune of $1054.78. This amount is more than I spend,or can afford, for a years worth of Verizon service. As you can see from my past records I rarely use Verizon service except for some time between January and April. I keep the account active just in case I need to use it when I am away from home. As I have stated previously I was very satisfied with your with your coverage and service up to this point.

Ok here is where the story gets rough. When I returned from the cruise I tried to use the Verizon service and found that for some reason it failed to work. I went to a Verizon store in Coral Springs, Fl. in search of a solution. I brought in the computer with the Verizon card attached. I was informed by a Verizion representive that, after checking, the problem was not with Verizon but with my computer. He suggested various ways to solve this problem. I tried these solutions and none of them worked. I finally reinstalled the entire operating system loosing much of my important data. This did not work either. I was traveling around the state of Florida at the time so I visited a Verizon store in Port Charlotte, Fl to seek a solution. There I was informed that my service had been suspended. This after I had erased everything in the computer to try to solve the problem. As you can well imagine I was quite upset with this outcome and the $1054.78 in charges. At this time and in the issuing days I had numerous phone conversations with Verizon to try to seek a solution to this problem. I was offered a credit of $527.39 however I found this unacceptable as I never used the service at all. Make sense? If we are being honest here I am sure you have confronted this type of a problem many times, right?

Ok. Here is what to me would be a satisfactory resolution. Because I was not intelligent, or informed, enough to remove the card from my computer while on this cruise(as I said before, MY BAD) I will be willing to pay an extra months service of $63.37, or pay the $527.30 and receive a credit for 9 months service at my present rate to satisfy and restore, in it's entirety, this account. See what you think!!



Melinda Rose Transportation Engineering

Elkhorn, Wi.


Please stop the robo calls(2nd Requist) they upset the wife. She doesn't like to wake up that early!!

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So far no solution but The Better Business Bureau,Senator Herb Kohl,Congressman Paul Ryan, and I are working on it. Hopefully there will be some legislation passed to correct problems like this. Wish me luck.


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