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i had verizon wireless and the service bundle package with internet and it cost more for the dial up service i ended up with because high speed wasnt available in my area( to many trees in my area)and then i would have go down the road to use my phone and was told i could get out of contract because the service wasn't adequete they gave me some term i cant remember what they called it but i couldn't get proper service i had three phones i was told it would be $200 and some odd dollars for the phones if i didn't return them. so i took them to the verizon store in the lakes mall in muskegon a new location the location i purchased my plan from was closed and this was the new location.

when i brought the phones in to them they said they didn't have any paperwork and couldn't find anything on my phones and told me to just keep them. now they are contacting me wanting $240 for the phones this was over a year ago and my house has since burned down and the phones were in it. funny they can harasse me now but they couldnt find any paperwork when i had the phones in their store to turn them in .

wouldn't have cost me anything at that time but now i have no phones to turn in but they want me to pay $240 because they couldn't find the paperwork when i was there by the date i was required to turn them in. maybe they would like to see me pull a rabit out of my magic hat?

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This is just another reason for me not to enter into a mobile broadband bundle or package from verizon wireless along with the used car lot sales tactics the store employees employ.

If you live in the old NYNEX or Bell Atlantic service area there is good chance your service will suck or be filled with dead spots. Or they simply haven't figured it out yet.

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