Have 4 wireless lines, bill is current & not due til 5/17/10. Only 1 line is set up to receive txts & 1 email acct from Verizon regarding bill.

Today my young daughter's line got a collection txt demanding pmt of past due bill. Called Verizon, they verified the acct is not past due & child should not have received txt. Later same day, my son's line got the same collection text. Verizon explained they bill 1 month in advance, so in essence, they are trying to collect before the bill is even due.

If your bill is due on the 17th, but you don't pay it before the 16th of each mo, they consider it late on the 18, even though they are billing a month in advance!

Don't you wish you got your payroll a month in advance? The CEO of this company must be squeezing the financial kahoonas off their collection reps to PO all the good paying customers!

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If you pay attention to your bill you will see you get billed a month behind, how? Your bill reads " Jan 25th to Feb 24th" current charges due, Feb 19th, so you use your service first then you pay for it.

Makes perfect sense. I work for Verizon financial services and I am absolutely baffled by customers thinking its the end of the world when their services are interrupted and their bill was "just due 2 weeks ago" really? You have a due date for a reason. If you can't afford the service then go to a cheap company.

I get tired of people complaining about the company. I've had Verizon even before.working for them and til this day they have not screwed me over. And touching another subject ...current charges?

They are CURRENTLY due so yes! You owe the money even if the "cut off" day is not until certain date.


Correction to original post, complaint has been filed with both agencies


I just had a recent problem with Verizon Wirelss that really shows what is more important. I made a payment on line that was not the full balance due, it was the past due amount.

Keep in mind I still had cell phone service. I entered in my amount to pay and went to the review pay same amount showed when I hit for final submittal of payment it took the whole amount which was around 419.00. I called cstm Svc and they submitted for the excess to be refunded. on 1/11/11 I called back and the Supervisor was rude and said I would not get refunded.

Then called back later in the evening was finally transfered to financial Services and was told that because I had not paid my bill on time every month they were not going to refund me the 196.00.

Needless to say complaint has not been filed with the FCC and My Statae attorney General's office. Just like the vast mjority of this country my family is living on an extrememly tight budget and because of some glitch in Their system my family has to go without.


boycott verizon. do not pay your future bill only the current bill> everyone boycott verizon>


How can they bill in advance when they do not know what the charges are?? I never do not get a bill so my jan bill included Feb.

in Feb i get Feb and march????? I all ready paid Feb. This is flat out a RIP OFF.

Hundreds of Millions of dollars precollected earning interest for Verizion. I SAY BOYCOTT VERIZON


Maybe you should look at your other utilites a little closer then. This is normal, cell phone co, cable, regular phone co charge for next month on the bill that you are receiving.

You pay for any overages on month you just used plus the next month services!!

If you are due on the 17th THE YES YOU ARE LATE ON THE 18th. That would be with any bill, mortgage is due on 17th then your late on 18th per your contract (you may not get a late fee for 10 days since a grace period, but it is late).


:( How true. And if you change plans to cut back in any way, they charge you the old higher rate not only for the remainder of the billing cycle in which you changed your plan, but for the entire next monthly billing cycle as well.

If you were careful to come in a couple days before the end of the billing cycle, to avoid being charged for an extra month, they simply "lose" your paperwork for a couple days. Then you have to come back in and do the process all over again. By then you are very close to the end of the billing cycle. There's no way around it.

They rip you off for a full month of service "in advance", knowing that the service in question has already been turned off. It happened to me.

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