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We currently have a account with Verizon wireless for 5 phone lines, we recently placed a order for christmas for 4 netbooks, On Nov 30th we were told we needed to pay a bill of 131.00 in order for our order to go threw, we did this, we then recieved a email saying there was a credit hold and to contact them, we did this, they said that the order was set up wrong and they needed to reset it up and we were good to go, she said we should get a email letting us know it had been shipped that evening or next day, the next day we recieved nothing, that afternoon i called and they said there was 2000 people ahead of us and everything looked great with our order we should get confirmation and shipping information that night, the next morning we recieved a email saying we cancelled the order and if this was wrong to contact them, so i contacted them again, i was told this was sent to the fraud department and i needed to speak with them, so i called them and had to leave a voicemail for a return call, they returned the call and told me it was not a fraud problem that it was processed wrong they didnt link the new order to our original account, and i needed to contact cust service again and let them know this and she would add the notes to the account, so i called them back, the lady tells me that i have to pay 276.00 before they could help me cause my account has now went past due, this made me angry cause it wasnt past due when i originally placed the order, and i explained how do i know that the order will actually go threw once i pay the 276.00 dollars, and i asked to speak with a online sales supervisor, she transfered me, i was on hold for over 45 minutes and then was told not only do i have to pay the 276.00 dollars i have to pay another 276.00 dollars that isnt even due yet because it went over 30 days past due, and that is was a privledge to me for verizon to even offer me the additional 4 netbooks because i already had a account with 5 lines.

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Boy, what a privilege to have Verizon.... I'm sorry to hear that.... I would advise when your contract is over to switch to AT&T.

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